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Graniteville landowners oppose two rock of ages plants

Brandy Ofciarcik-Perez pointed from her lawn to a sharp bend in the road as a flatbed truck carrying granite slabs overshot the center line in its trajectory down the hill toward her home.
“People fly through here,” the 40-year-old dance instructor said, holding one of her three children by the hand. “I used to actually put up barriers.”

New business park nearly full

At the rate the lots are selling, it won’t be long until the town can hang “No Vacancy” signs in its new business park along Greybull River Road.
The Greybull Town Council on Monday met with representatives of two more businesses looking to buy into the business park. By meeting’s end, both were on the fast track to acquiring a total of four lots from the town.
Shane Catlin, sole proprietor of Precision Custom Granite, wants three of them (Lots 8, 9 and 10), while Doug Zierolf, owner of U Rock Concrete and Materials, wants the other (Lot 1).

Why Same Type Cement Block Machines Have So Big Price Gaps

Even though the type of automatic brick making machine is same, they have big price differences. Why? Quality problems is equivalent to shorten the product service life, which is equal to buy a pile of scrap iron. Our technicians find these problems after visiting several factories and find the reasons why the prices of other factories are lower than ours form small details. We talk about it form choosing materials.

Tar Mixing Plant Features A Strong Advantage

Features Tar Mixing Plant
1, the module design makes handling, safer and more convenient;
2, the mixing blade design with a very unique power-driven mixing tank also makes stirring easy, reliable and efficient;
3, but using imported vibration motor vibration sieve East, greatly improving the efficiency, but also reduce the failure rate of the equipment;
4, with no dust in the dry state to prevent placing the top of the drum to reduce heat loss, saving space and fuel;

Guaranteeing Quality of Raw Materials Makes stationary concrete batching plant More Efficient

These areas such as operation platform, feeding place, aggregate bin and cement silo that endanger personnel safety should be installed safe protection devices. Some exposed parts of transmission system should also be installed protective device. The width between platform and walking road should be not less than 50 cm. The edge should be set a skirting board whose height is more than 5cm, which can avoid tool dropping, metal dropping from the gap of pedals or it causes personal casualty incident.

Potential Risks of Using Cement Silo

In market economy, many investors usually have the idea that they get maximum benefits from minimum investment. So some investors are clever up and ready to buy used device. We know this strategy is highly regarded in such a era for economic benefits. I think it is also a good idea, but this is not absolute. In important projects, some expenses can be saved, but some must be taken seriously. So does the cement silo in concrete mixing plant. Using second-hand bulk cement silo can save a lot of costs in the short term, but there are a lot of risks in the long run.

Three Development Stages of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete in China

Autoclaved aerated concrete originated from Europe in the 1930s and was introduced since the 1960s. After over 50 years of unremitting efforts, it gained great development in China: 960 square kilometers. It is estimated that different production scales and technology levels are constructed around the country. The production capacity was above 0.2 billion, which far surpasses the sum of the wold every year. It go through 3 stages in China.
1. Beginning stage

Centralized Mixing Existence Forms of planetary concrete mixer

In construction, the common concrete is most used, and the common concrete is working objects for planetary concrete mixer. There are many advantages for the common concrete.

Safety Precautions Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt mixing plant, also called asphalt concrete mixing station. Means for mass production of asphalt concrete equipment. According to mixing method can be divided into intermittent, continuous; according handling methods can be divided into fixed, semi-fixed and mobile.
So in the asphalt mixing plant safety issues it needs to pay attention to what?

Haomei machinery used concrete mixers hydraulic drive system requirements

Haomei machinery used concrete mixer hydraulic drive system requirements
1, a new car before use, first of all, check for and remove all parts of the hydraulic system of dust and debris, and check all connections are correct and there are no other problems.
2, Mobil Oil tank mount DTE26 hydraulic oil (oil tick over, also block the pump casing and motor oil.
3, start the engine, control servo handles the mixing Drum turn at low speed is observed hydraulic system is working properly.

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