Safety Precautions Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt mixing plant, also called asphalt concrete mixing station. Means for mass production of asphalt concrete equipment. According to mixing method can be divided into intermittent, continuous; according handling methods can be divided into fixed, semi-fixed and mobile.
So in the asphalt mixing plant safety issues it needs to pay attention to what?
The first is to ask people dress, mixing station staff must wear overalls to work, control outdoor asphalt mixing plant with patrol officers and workers need to bring a helmet, rigorous wear slippers to work.
The second operation is required to work during mixing ground floor.
1, before opening the machine, the control room operator needs to pull the horn to warn the machine around personnel should leave after hearing the speakers confirmed case of security personnel to leave the outside to start the machine.
2, the machine is not in operation among staff unauthorized repair equipment under the premise of ensuring safety before repairs.
The third floor is a maintenance requirements during mixing.
1, when the people working at height must be washed seatbelts.
2, when someone working inside the machine need to take care of someone on the outside, while mixing machine power should be cut off, without outside control room operator authorized personnel can not be allowed to boot.
The fourth is on the forklift requirements, forklift material present on the ground during the vehicle in front of people pay attention to the car, be sure to pay attention to the speed and position on the cold feed bin, not the collision devices.
Fifth, in the diesel tank and put the brush truck around 3m barrels are not allowed to smoke, students are not allowed to open fire, put the oil were sure the oil does not diffuse out; must first optimistic number when put asphalt bitumen tank, the whole After opening the gate to open the pump discharge asphalt, asphalt tank while smoking is prohibited on!



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