New business park nearly full

At the rate the lots are selling, it won’t be long until the town can hang “No Vacancy” signs in its new business park along Greybull River Road.
The Greybull Town Council on Monday met with representatives of two more businesses looking to buy into the business park. By meeting’s end, both were on the fast track to acquiring a total of four lots from the town.
Shane Catlin, sole proprietor of Precision Custom Granite, wants three of them (Lots 8, 9 and 10), while Doug Zierolf, owner of U Rock Concrete and Materials, wants the other (Lot 1).
If the sales go through, they would join Clayton Dragoo of Atwood Family Funeral Directors (Lots 2-3), Todd Zeller of Zeller Construction (Lots 11, 12 and 13) and Don Davies and Deb Craft of Davies Machine Shop (Lots 14-15) as future business park tenants.
It would also leave the town with just four lots remaining to sell. They include Lot 4 (consisting of 3 acres, it lies between a proposed crematorium and a home owned by Scott Good) and Lots 5, 6 and 7, each of which is 1.62 acres.
The potential sale of land to Zierolf was up first on Monday’s special meeting agenda.
Under the terms of the agreement, which like the other deals falls under the economic development exemption in state statute, calls for Zierolf to pay $9,810 — slightly less than half the appraised value of $19,987 — for the 3.27-acre Lot 1, which lies on the western edge of the new business park.
Monday’s discussion including the reading of a formal objection to the sale filed by Good. In it, Good cited concerns about the dust and noise that would be generated by Zierolf’s concrete batching plant. Good also spoke out against the sale of Lots 2 and 3, where Dragoo intends to build a crematorium.
Feeling that the plant would have a negative impact on his property, Good said he’s retained legal counsel and asked the council to refrain from proceeding with the sale until the complaint can be heard in a courtroom. In his complaint, Good reiterated that he has no objection to the development of the lots directly east of his home.
Zierolf said he intends to take preventative measures to cut down on the dust.
As for the noise, he said he doesn’t see it as a big issue. He said “When the concrete mixer trucks is loading, it’ll be at 2,000 RPM, with mufflers like the ones the government makes you have when you’re going down the highway,” he said.
He said he doesn’t know how many decibels the blower is going to put out, but that the sound will be diminished by the distance between his proposed plant and Good’s home. “Portable batch plants are set up everywhere, so if there was a problem with decibels on blowers, the industry would be going to quieter blowers,” said Zierolf.
The sound of rocks being dropped into a hopper will generate some noise, Zierolf said, but only the first time on each load. After that, the sound will be deadened by rocks already in the hopper.
When asked about the economic development benefits to the town, Zierolf said it’ll give everybody another choice (concrete, landscape rock, mulch, etc.) and that local shops will benefit — among them tire shops such as Big Horn Co-op and auto parts stores like NAPA and O’Reilly.
Zierolf said he initially anticipates hiring two additional employees. In time, another could be needed, if he branches out into making concrete septic tanks.
He said he anticipates the business being open from 6:30 a.m. to not much after 1 p.m., “since during the summer months, nobody likes to pour concrete after that.” Saturday hours would be by appointment. Zierolf’s current shop is located on county land, near the town of Basin. He said he’s received no complaints to date about it.
The deal between the town and Zierolf contains a reversionary clause to ensure development in a timely manner.
Councilor Marquerite VanDyke said that with a 6:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. schedule, the business “shouldn’t be disrupting” to the neighboring property owner.
Councilor Scott Mattis and Mayor Myles Foley both stated that they’d researched the request and felt comfortable proceeding. Mattis said concrete batching plant in Powell and Cody are also located near residential areas — and both are larger than the one being proposed by Zierolf.
The council agreed to authorize Administrator/Finance Director Paul Thur to set up the closing and Mayor Myles Foley to sign the papers. Councilor Clay Collingwood abstained from the vote.
The council was equally support of the proposal put forward by Catlin. Right now, his business is based in Burlington. But like the others, he found the opportunity to relocate to the business park to be appealing.
Under the terms of the deal, Catlin would purchase Lots 8, 9 and 10 — each of them 1.24 acres in size, for a total of 3.72 acres — for $11,160. The appraised value of the three lots is $22,737, with Lot 8 valued at $7,579 and Lots 9 and 10 valued at $15,158.
Like the others new business park tenants, Catlin was asked to explain how the town would benefit from the sale. To buy the land for less than its appraised value, Catlin had to explain its economic development benefits.
He said the lot would feature a 3,000 square foot building that includes a showroom, a parking lot and landscaping.
He said both he and his employees would shop locally; right now they work in Burlington.
In time, he said he hopes to put another one to two people on his payroll, adding that he anticipates it’ll be easier finding potential employees in Greybull than it has been in Burlington.
His hope is to get the building up by the end of the summer.
Hours of operation would be 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., five days a week.
As they did with Zierolf, council members voiced support for Catlin’s venture, agreeing in the end to direct Thur to proceed toward closing the sale and the mayor to sign off on the agreement.



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