Guaranteeing Quality of Raw Materials Makes stationary concrete batching plant More Efficient

These areas such as operation platform, feeding place, aggregate bin and cement silo that endanger personnel safety should be installed safe protection devices. Some exposed parts of transmission system should also be installed protective device. The width between platform and walking road should be not less than 50 cm. The edge should be set a skirting board whose height is more than 5cm, which can avoid tool dropping, metal dropping from the gap of pedals or it causes personal casualty incident. If stationary concrete batching plant wants to realize quality control of raw materials, some tips about raw materials inventory management should be paid attention to.
First, management about sand and stone silos: Sand and stones with different specifications should be put into different silos and a sign is stick to each silo. Name of raw material, original, specifications and so on should be on the sign. Warehouse keeper gives a number to every silo and draws regional distribution of the entire yard, then he should inform the lab, master control room, forklift truck loading specifically.
Second, strengthening management to powder materials such as cement, fly ash: When powder materials are shipped into the silo, a signature should be finished by both receiver and supplier. Then the silo can be opened. By doing this, mistakes can be avoided in the process of entering materials.
Third, management about additives in concrete mixing plant: Bulk powder additives should be managed according to powder material management method such as cement. Powder packaged additives should be orderly in warehouse and the specifications should be indicated including name, varieties, specifications, origin and so on. Liquid additives should be managed according to different manufacturers and kinds.
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