Haomei machinery used concrete mixers hydraulic drive system requirements

Haomei machinery used concrete mixer hydraulic drive system requirements
1, a new car before use, first of all, check for and remove all parts of the hydraulic system of dust and debris, and check all connections are correct and there are no other problems.
2, Mobil Oil tank mount DTE26 hydraulic oil (oil tick over, also block the pump casing and motor oil.
3, start the engine, control servo handles the mixing Drum turn at low speed is observed hydraulic system is working properly.
4, the oil temperature must not exceed 60 ° c, the truck-mounted concrete pump pressure must be less than 0.25MPa.
5, the attention of the fan on the radiator is within the range of 50 ° C-70 ° c operation. Fan failure when not in operation should be repaired in a timely manner.

6, fill the pump relief valve pressure relief valve, high pressure relief valve pressure is factory-set and shall not be arbitrarily changed.
7, circuit components and piping there shall be no leakage, such as leakage, should be repaired in a timely manner.
8, work status, not free to repair and adjustment.
9. hydraulic pumps, motors, if fails, needs to be replaced to send specified professional maintenance department repairs, dismantling the old pump, motor, put a new fuel pump, motor should pay attention to the following points:
1) remove the old pump, motor, you should remove tubing, demands that the oil pump and tubing on the interface immediately sealed to prevent dust from entering the pump and pipe, and then under the pump removed from the js500 concrete mixer.
2) stable and equipped with pumps, motors. Note: the screws tight, seal pumps, motors, oil, took over.
3) all tubing after installation is completed, turn down the oil pump r plug, drain pump in the air until the r does not contain gas from the oil, and then tighten the r oil plug.
4) remove the motor from the uppermost t port connection, Madanes joined clean hydraulic fluid until full, then tighten the fittings.
5) check oil level, if not to the level above in the middle position, adding clean hydraulic oil in place.
6) start engine and idle speed idle for 10 minutes (control box two lever in the neutral position, mixing Drum doesn't move), and check the oil pump, motor noise, and the tubing if there is leakage.
7) slow handling, mixing drum in one direction at a slower feed direction 20 minutes (no material in the mixing tube, under the car at idle);
8) the joystick back to middle position causes the drum to stop and check that the oil level, fuel to.
10. hydraulic oil usage Description:
(1) for new vehicles and mixing barrel must be cleaned after the first one accumulated 300 hours of cooling and replace the filter and hydraulic oil.
(2) after every six months or after 500 hours replace the filter and hydraulic oil.
(3) the hydraulic oil must be high quality imported or domestic hydraulic oil, and after a 10 micron filter precision can join the tank. MOBIL is recommended (Mei Foo) DTE26,SHELL (shell) TELLUS68, BP (United Kingdom oil) SHF68,CASTROL AWH68 or the same grade hydraulic oil, 68th, is not available with other oils instead.
(4) do not mix different brands of hydraulic oil, and replace the hydraulic oil must be placed inside the tank of the hydraulic oil after the new hydraulic oil can be added.
(5) the hydraulic oil viscosity:
At ambient temperatures below 15 ° c should be with the lower viscosity oil, you should use the MOBIL (Mei Foo) DTE15,SHELL (shell) TELLUS46,BP (United Kingdom oil) SHF46,CASTROL AWH46 oil or equivalent.
Mixer trucks parked overnight, even if the climate is warm, the oil temperature will decrease, so, in a relatively warm climate allows the engine to idle for five minutes at the start, colder climates to operate only after idling for ten minutes.



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