Three Development Stages of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete in China

Autoclaved aerated concrete originated from Europe in the 1930s and was introduced since the 1960s. After over 50 years of unremitting efforts, it gained great development in China: 960 square kilometers. It is estimated that different production scales and technology levels are constructed around the country. The production capacity was above 0.2 billion, which far surpasses the sum of the wold every year. It go through 3 stages in China.
1. Beginning stage
In this stage, concrete batch plants technology that includes various formula, process is researched. Product performance testing is done in this stage. It also conducted design, application, construction, technology and standards. Some people were sent to learn from foreign countries and foreign people came to China to guide. By introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology equipment, we gradually established autoclaved aerated concrete industry system, which laid solid foundation of technology, material and market for later development.
2. Promotion stage
From 1980s to 2000, there were about 200 production lines of different scales and technology and the production capacity was 15 million, which formed a certain scale and had an impact. Influenced by architectural structure and economic development level, the scale of production enterprises was small, and the process and technology were far behind. The quality was not fine with slow market application. During this period, research and development of cutting machine was active and became the center of industry development.
3.Rapid popularization stage.
From 2000 to now is big development era for aerated concrete in China. Production line has increased rapidly and is throughout the provinces, city and county. The products are widely used in all kinds of buildings and are gradually accepted by the market. Autoclaved aerated concrete has become important wall materials which is second to sintered brick. Autoclaved aerated concrete makes important contribution to wall material innovation and building energy conservation in this period.
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