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Yiwu research accomplishments into place experienced 'Waterloo

Speaking about this issue, Zhang Guojun told reporters speak of such a point: before 2013, Huazhong University of Technology and Technology investigation team took the actual lead in Tiongkok to develop a complete automated packaging production type of high technology signals, however , when the Start will this success technology when brought to a refrigeration Zhongshan enterprise applications, since the stability of the creation line is too lower, the failure price is too high, operate less than five moments will stop a device, on-site inspection could become "technology memorial support.

Yiwu Acceptance Group indicated deepening create eco-friendly

Eco-friendly School evaluation as well as acceptance group City and county Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Schooling coalition, to create a college to take on-site home inspections, data access, revealing and on-site watching PPT show testimonials manner on-site assessment and acceptance, completely affirmed the statement of each school to produce green school work in to the practice of training science, especially in Yiwu market, Zhejiang Normal College affiliated primary resource boy House creating, build academy, backyard, park, co

Yiwu the more effective off signing often the contract

Brazil's foreign trade problem is worrisome. As per WTO data, in relation to 40% of Brazil's exports are gardening products, fall in foreign commodity prices bring on reduced earnings Less-known brazilian agricultural exports. Seeing that accounted for about twenty percent of Brazil's major export destination, China's economic slowdown ended in Brazilian exports to help China declined. Second, political instability damaged the Brazilian economic system. Third, the main factors that cause the sharp fall of the Brazilian Authentic currency is credit history risk occurrence.

Yiwu Market Spot eggs seasonal rise

Thursday overall commodity weakness, which produce the biggest gainers, where eggs 1509 gainers, rising 1.77 percent late to close at 4364 yuan / 500 kg, hand positions increased 08,000 to 75,500 hand. Yiwu market Concern is approaching the delivery month, eggs main contract positions from mid-July, an increase of 50,000 hand-nearly 25%.

Yiwu Customs clearance package exceeded 600 million votes

WASHINGTON commodity export momentum of rapid development of cross-border e-commerce. According to Yiwu customs statistics, as at 9:00 on August 6, Yiwu total cross-border e-commerce regulatory clearance center exceeded 600 million votes, the cumulative regulatory Yiwu market Customs export parcels 6,003,000, the clearance value of $ 28,780,000, amounting up 178 million yuan.

Yiwu City leaders cordial condolences to the people's army

August 3, Municipal People's Congress Chairman Ren Chenxiu cents, City Department of political commissar Jiang Hongyang led by relevant departments and visit troops stationed in gold. Xiu Xian Jinhua and his entourage came to the Army Reserve Corps of Engineers, in gold, three brigades, the armed police detachment Jinhua, Jinhua mine training base, Jinhua Military Fire Brigade and Jinhua, Yiwu market municipal government on behalf of the troops stationed in gold to extend my sincere greetings to all officers and men .

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