Yiwu research accomplishments into place experienced 'Waterloo

Speaking about this issue, Zhang Guojun told reporters speak of such a point: before 2013, Huazhong University of Technology and Technology investigation team took the actual lead in Tiongkok to develop a complete automated packaging production type of high technology signals, however , when the Start will this success technology when brought to a refrigeration Zhongshan enterprise applications, since the stability of the creation line is too lower, the failure price is too high, operate less than five moments will stop a device, on-site inspection could become "technology memorial support. " Finally, commit more than 40 analysis Institutes myself, Yiwu market allow the technology get root in corporations have settled straight down. Because this project significantly reduce the manufacturing price radio frequency recognition card and later received the State Technological Creation Award.

"A large amount of scientific research accomplishments into place experienced 'Waterloo', is too desired the technology as well as market this 'mismatch' made of a pores and skin. " Zhang Guojun said, "We should also research the beginning of the college direct cash, however a practice found that this 'mismatch' pinching not to go, it should have a new advanced R & M institutions 'third skin' this or that 'glue' to attempt to do. "in reality, the Zhang Guojun view is the general opinion of the scientific and also technological research system and local authorities provide people. It damaged the new R and D institutions "mismatch" chronic illness, and for that reason popular.

Earlier this season, has just appointed mind of the Guangdong Initiate of Xi'an Jiaotong University, said Zou Jianhua, as a man of science, which took workplace just a few months possess completely changed their own values, "universities, study institutions and the marketplace can not be rigid docking, First, companies don't realize our system of colleges along with universities, colleges and universities don't understand the business operation associated with ideas, Yiwu Jewelry Market and 2nd short-term strengths in addition to advantages of technological innovation as well as industrial application is not really the most urgent company colleges where the inertia of the traditional program has seriously obstructed the scientific and also technical personnel effort, with its great initiatives to squeeze both together, it is better allow the emerging research organizations play a role. "



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