Concrete plans for six new jobs in Dalbeattie thanks to local firm's expansion plan

Dalbeattie could be in-line for six new jobs if a planned concrete batching plant gets the go-ahead.
Grange Construction Materials want to build the mobile concrete mixing plant factory at the town’s Edingham Industrial Estate.
And the Lockerbie-based company say if they get council approval they could be up and running by the end of the summer.

It Is Very Urgent for Concrete Industry to Change Developing Mode

The phenomena that the haze is spreading and the environment is deteriorating make more than 20 provinces and cities begin to monitor concrete industry. Besides the strict limits of environmental protection on cement and concrete products, the relevant departments also strictly manage the JS500/JS750 concrete mixers companies whose pollution and emissions can not reach standards.

Methods to Promote the Potential of Concrete Mixing Plant

Chinese commercial concrete mixing plant provide powerful equipment support for domestic economic infrastructure construction. They are in the dilemma of “big but not strong”. Why do we value them like this? Our equipment is low-ended, and the small and medium-sized equipment are excessive. The high-end products are either imported, or purchase foreign advanced technology. Even though we have made big breakthrough in the field of efficiency and environmental protection, we are still immature compared with German production technology.

Simple Analysis about the Market Prospects of Brick Making Machine

The government advocates energy conservation and environmental protection. The invention of hollow brick machine responds to this policy. Therefore, the waste of land resources is greatly reduced, and the environment is effectively protected, which promote the development of construction industry. Government has made relevant policies to reduce taxes in some areas. We have said goodbye to the times when clay bricks take up a lot of resources, consume mush energy and produce low construction efficiency. According to a survey, the growth rate of blocks in China is about 19%.

Concrete Batching Operations Policy Manual


Clean Planetary Concrete Mixer As Requirements

concrete mixer is a mechanical mixture makes cement, sand and gravel aggregate and water into concrete mixture. In order to ensure the mixing quality of concrete, the request of the concrete mixture is uniform, the mixing time is short, the discharge is fast, the residue is less, the energy consumption is low and the pollution is little. Main factors affecting the mixing quality: mixer structure, the ratio of feeding capacity and mixing drum volume, mixture feeding programs and feeding location, mixing blade configuration and arrangement, mixing speed and blade liner wear, etc.

Aggregate Batcher-Lo-Pro (Live Bottom)

Plants equipped with a “Live Bottom” (Lo-Pro Style) batcher in place of gates use a conveyor belt to discharge the material instead of gates. During discharge of the batcher the batcher conveyor will discharge the material on to the mixer charging conveyor.
Variable Speed Conveyor

The Important Electronic Control System

The commercial concrete batching plants produced by Henan Haomei adopts the double control mode. The control system is consisted with two high performance industrial computers, one is working as the main control production system and another is working as the management and monitoring system( also is the backup machine for the main production control machine). It adopts the special batching control instruments and as the main control system of the concrete batch plants for sale, it has the manual and automatic function.

In progress: Tappan Zee site gets own concrete batching plant

The collection of Tappan Zee Bridge equipment in the Hudson River just got another impressive piece: a floating concrete production factory.
The barge-mounted plant arrived this month and is one in a pair that will make some 300,000 cubic yards of concrete for the new crossing. The new plant is currently producing concrete for the span’s pile caps.

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