Aggregate Batcher-Lo-Pro (Live Bottom)

Plants equipped with a “Live Bottom” (Lo-Pro Style) batcher in place of gates use a conveyor belt to discharge the material instead of gates. During discharge of the batcher the batcher conveyor will discharge the material on to the mixer charging conveyor.
Variable Speed Conveyor
On most plants with this type of batcher, the batcher is controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). The VFD is used to vary the speed of the belt so the discharge rate of the material can be adjusted, in the same manner as using discharge gates. The VFD is located in the plant main electrical service panel.
The speed of the conveyor is controlled by the batch control using the faster and slower function. The conveyor will operate in a range from 1/3 of full speed to full speed. Three outputs are required from the batch control to operate this batcher. The first is a maintain button that engages the conveyor to run and two individual momentary signals for the faster and slower function. When the speed of the conveyor is increased or decreased the VFD will maintain this speed until it receives another faster or slower signal. When the batch control adjusts the speed either faster or slower there should be a change of 3-5 hertz with each pulse. The actual speed the conveyor is running is displayed on the display of the drive in Hertz.
Internally in the aggregate batcher you will find an “inverted v-trough” that is used to keep the weight of the material off the belt and allow it to start under a load but still allow the material to flow around it.
The “inverted v-trough” can also be used to control the rate of discharge out of the batcher. With the belt running at maximum speed if you are not getting a desired flow rate the trough can be raised to increase the discharge speed. When doing this be sure to check ampere draw prior and after adjustment to verify the motor is not being over loaded.
When the trough is adjusted, make sure the front is higher than the rear, this will prevent binding of the material and damage to equipment.
Conveyor Interlock
A “Lo-Pro” aggregate batcher conveyor is interlocked to the mixer charging conveyor, through the plant electrical system. This means the batcher conveyor will not start unless the mixer (incline) conveyor is running.
Discharge-Feed Interlock
When using a “LOPRO Style” aggregate batcher there are no air cylinders used to control the Discharge-Feed Interlock. Instead a set of contacts (N/C) are used on the “run” relay for the conveyor that will send a signal to the batch control that the conveyor is not running. This is an indication for the control that it is ok to weigh materials in the batcher if the conveyor is not running.

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Aggregate Batcher-Lo-Pro

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