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Maine Fisheries Prepare for New Industry Regs

Maine Fisheries Prepare for New Industry Regs

Recently, the National Marine Fisheries Service initiated new rules which state that every commercial business fishing singles must accommodate in order to continue their craft and maintain credibility as eco-conscious advocates of aquatic wildlife.

These guidelines have exacting specifications and are designed to better determine how to isolate where and what lines are causing whale entanglements in the region’s commercial waters. They entail a new color coded marking system for traps,slotted wire duct requiring fishermen to place red markers at the top, bottom and middle of every buoy line, as well as additional markings to the vertical line, the color of which is going to be region specific. This applies to all pot and trap fisheries, including lobster, conch and fish pots.

The new requirements ask for three foot-long red markers along with two six-inch markers for two color systems. Overall, the National Marine Fisheries color coding combinations consist of red and yellow for OCC LMA, red and white for LMA 1, and red and black for LMA 2.

This development is going to require a little extra work on part of the Bay State’s fishing industry, but in the long run, the effort is intended toward saving aquatic life and preserving our natural environments, which is a big positive. In that regard, Nelco Products has the tools you need for simplifying these new processes. Our line of heat shrink tubing is perfect for marking buoy lines. These products are designed from high quality polyolefin and layered to withstand moisture, fungus, salt and extreme and varying temperatures.

Heat shrink tubing is easily installed. Merely slide the tubing in place and apply heat with the right tool, such as a heat shrinking gun or ignition torch. The flexible tubing will conform to the line, creating a seal that won’t slip or break. You now have a reliable and durable installation that can’t be nibbled away by fish. The colors of heat shrink tubing will not fade or wash away, ensuring you or anyone else will always be able to identify the components of your buoy systems for compliance.