The Key Installation Points of Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt mixing plant is an effective asphalt producing equipment, and it has the characteristics of compact structure, good performance, high mixing quality and convenient operation. However, lots of users know little about the installation of asphalt cement mixing plant, and they may make some mistakes in the actual installing process. In order to maximum user’s benefits and shorten installation period, we want to share the key installation points of asphalt mixing plant with worldwide customers.
With years of accumulation and the direction of our professional technologists, we summarize the installation attentions as the following items:
Users should install the whole asphalt drum mix plant equipment in a solid place to prevent from sliding in the following operation, and operators can’t stay blow any lifting components to ensure safety and avoid unnecessary losses.
The layout and installation of all electric parts should be carried out by a professional electrician to ensure smooth operation and avoid the sudden breakdown of electricity in daily operation.
Users should install all components of the equipment with the guidance of professional engineers, and they should take the operating instruction as an important reference.
After installation, users should test the equipment to detect the installation error of the equipment. If there is anything wrong, users should correct it immediately before putting it into practice.
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David Sullivan open to introducing elected fan

West Ham United co-chairman David Sullivan has made the first move to repair his relationship with supporters by indicating his openness to having an elected fan on the club’s board.Find the latest sport news, stories and opinions on politics, business, society, lifestyle and culture, as well as featured stories and multimedia coverage from SHINE.

Sullivan was hit by a coin thrown by angry fans at the end of West Ham’s 3-0 home defeat to Burnley last Saturday, a nadir in the fraught relationship between West Ham fans and the club’s board. That defeat followed a controversial week in which a disagreement over a cancelled fans protest led to some prominent supporters feeling threatened and unsafe.

Seeking to address the concerns of West Ham fans and start to repair relations, Sullivan and his son Jack met two representatives of West Ham United Independent Supporters Association (WHUISA) this Tuesday. WHUISA, represented by chair Mark Walker, re-iterated their desire to have a fan representative on the West Ham board.Sullivan responded that he was open to exploring this idea, and also alternatively suggested that a former West Ham player could be nominated to the board as a fans’ representative.

WHUISA will now research the practical details of having a fan on the board ahead of future discussions with the club. WHUISA chair Mark Walker told The Independent he was pleased with Sullivan’s openness to their suggestion.

“WHUISA welcome this decision and it has been a long term aim of the Association, along with many other supporters groups across the country,” Walker said. “We are keen to make sure that the process is open and transparent so that supporters have a voice in the important decisions that impact being a fan of this great football club.”