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Medical Uses of Numbered Zip Ties

Medical Uses of Numbered Zip Ties

Numbered cable or numbered zip Mounting Wire Ties are practical solutions for many projects across varied industries. These quality tools are being utilized in many industries, including solar, defense, automotive and electrical. These nylon and plastic tie wraps are easy to use and ordered in custom colors to make numbered cable and zip ties inventory friendly.

The medical community is definitely making creative use of zip ties. In 2006, a group of students at John Hopkins University used zip ties to close up a chest after the sternum was cut through. They pulled the bone segments together and held them in place with the tightly wound ties. Since then the undergraduates at the university developed a potentially safer and less intrusive system with the ties clasping through the ribs.

In another interesting medical turn, nylon cable ties were utilized to repair rib fractures in neonatal foals. Back in 2011, veterinarians in Canada used commercial nylon cable ties for internal fixation of displaced rib fractures in a number of equine neonates. It was found to be a successful surgical procedure.

In actuality, the use of cable and zip ties aren’t new to the medical community. In fact, the industry refers to these products as “locking polymer clasps”. Numbered cable and zip ties could be beneficial to the process. Always looking to minimize risk to patients, medical practitioners and the medical facility, customized ties allow an effective catalog system that ensured security and maximized safety. With a variety of ties, to number and even color code ties, tracking ties would be easy, streamlining any number of processes.

Numbered zip ties are accessories with a ton of uses. Whether securing wire in electrical systems or closing up a sternum, these tools make production flow. They also allow for greater accountability as the product can be directly traced to specific projects.

We offer quality numbered cable and zip ties at affordable pricing. When you order from us, you will find our catalog has the supplies you require to complete your projects. If you don’t see what you need, contact us. One of our techs will be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.