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What is Hot Stamping

What is Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is a lithography printing process. The system entails using high temperatures to transfer foils or pre-dried ink to print an image on almost any surface. Double Head Cable Tie has become an extremely popular application for decorating products. It is used on many materials but paper and plastic are the most common. Yet, the process is so versatile one could stamp pencils and cable ties.

Hot stamping is a dry, non-polluting printing solution. Once the material has been properly treated, it can withstand severe treatment.

There are many ways to hot stamp, but the overall system encompasses a similar design. A machine heats an engraved image which is pressed against the material with marking foil sandwiched between them. Where the metal die comes in contact with the material is where the foil leaves ink. The most common tools are foil and dies.

Metal dies come in a variety of options which include copper, magnesium, steel and brass. Magnesium is at the low end of the spectrum, being the least expensive but also the least durable. Hardened steel makes for the best transfer but is the more expensive option. Silicone rubber dies are also utilized with its varying degrees of hardness. Its conformity makes it perfect for materials that aren’t flat.

Foils consist of a color layer, adherence base and release layer. A metallic foil will replace color layers with a layer of aluminum or chrome. It will have a metal like sheen and comes in a number of shades, including gold, silver, bronze and copper. Pigment foil may be matte or glossy. For great digital printing, holographic foil offers a three dimensional image.

There are a number of hot stamping machines. Some have distinct purposes. The most common application utilizes a basic up and down pressing to apply heat.

Hot stamping can transfer graphics, text and other print materials to almost any surface, leaving behind a personalized product. Simplify inventory by applying a serial or project number to supplies. Create unique, high end tie wraps to promote company services and business. With a logo adorning your supplies, the hot stamp process ensures whether your customers are international or local, they will remember when they are looking for solutions, they will look for you.