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It’s the difficulty with ascribing blame in a team game. A keeper is responsible for a goal if he hits a crap clearance to an opposing attacker standing in the clear in his box, who then slots it past him. cheap fifa 16 accounts Keepers also have shots they should stop that somehow get past them, or that they misjudge. They happen all the time.

But for my money, the notion that Ter Stegen was somehow to blame for that Roma golazo doesn’t wash. He was doing exactly what he should have been doing, which was his job. As a professional, you depend on teammates not to screw up. It’s why De Sanctis was screaming at his defense for much of his time in the match, because they were allowing Bar?a to run riot. Professionals aren’t doing their job, which leads to breakdowns, which lead to goals.

And speaking of goals, spare a moment for the delightful team goal that Bar?a scored as a pinpoint pass over distance from Mathieu fell to Rakitic, who made no mistake with the cross for Suarez, who headed home. The goal looked easy, even as it relied on three exceptional plays. Really, both goals were of the highest quality.