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FIFA has now gathered several of these practical examples in its Good Practice Guide on Diversity and Anti-Discrimination - a handbook that has been sent through to all 209 Member fifa 16 mule account Associations that encourages the actors in the world of football to take part of anti-discrimination initiatives in the most proper and effective way.

This includes a number of seemingly unpretentious actions that can make a difference – such as stadium announcements by former players, rainbow-coloured laces against homophobia or football tournaments for blind and partially sighted players.

“Good campaigns don’t necessarily need to be expensive. The important thing is that these initiatives make best use of the interests and expertise already available in each place”, says FIFA’s Head of Sustainability Federico Addiechi, who recently announced the implementation of anti-discrimination match observers as part of the new FIFA Anti-Discrimination Monitoring System for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ qualifiers and the FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017.