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This isn’t in any way meant to demean anything fifa 16 mule account that Guardiola did, any more than it is to defend Martino. Rather it raises what for me is an interesting question: does a system need talent to succeed (obviously), and what are the parameters of success? Is Jemez as big a success, given what he has to work with, as Luis Enrique? Are systems as many come to think of them, overrated or even irrelevant?

If we look at Argentina vs Mexico, prima facie it’s no contest. But if you take their XI and add the fire that Argentina clearly didn’t have, then take away Argentina’s top-level attacking talent (which all came on later in the match), what happens then? It’s deeper than the friendly vs real match question, even as it’s worth asking how different things would have been in the World Cup, vs a friendly in Texas, where all of the big Argentina stars have key matches that coming weekend. On paper, every team has a system that it tries to play, a system that ideally will live in a vacuum, independent of what an opponent does. That, however, is the fantasy football that supporters play in their heads that finds its voice in passionate social media urgings. Real world finds a pressing defense, sloppy, distracted players and errors that wouldn’t have customarily been made.