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ARM re-shot acquisition Sansa Security greatly enhance the security chip strength

The first half of 2015 with a series of acquisitions Wicentric SMD (SunriseMicroDevices) Following, Arm International (ARM) recently re-shot acquisition of Israeli chip security system solutions provider --SansaSecurity, to continue to strengthen its processor silicon intellectual property (IP) and the wafer child information security protection system to further strengthen its Things (IoT) technology lineup.

2018 global smart sensor market will reach $ 6.9 billion

With the increasing amount of data, integration of processors used in smart sensors will become an important direction of development. According to market research company estimated that sales of such smart sensors could to an annual rate of 10%, to 2018 is expected to reach $ 6.9 billion.

Intel Skylake brings 41 percent more graphics performance

The Broadwell successor Skylake could be Intel's main processor update the last decade. The three have previously used only internally Intel films suspect that were leaked FanlessTech. Accordingly, the also produced in 14 nanometer semiconductor bring more performance, particularly up to 41 percent increase in graphics tasks, but also longer battery life.

Google, Microsoft, IBM, Intel and other manufacturers together to push open container standards

Based help Linux Foundation, Docker, CoreOS, Google, Microsoft, Amazon currently working to establish a new standard for software container. Other members of the alliance include Apcera, Cisco (Cisco), EMC, Fujitsu (Fujitsu Limited), Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sachs), Hewlett-Packard (HP), Huawei, IBM, Intel (Intel), Joyent, Mesosphere, Pivotal, Rancher Labs, Red Hat (Red Hat) That is, to build a prosperous container ecosystem, almost every company will provide financial assistance and VMware--.

Silicon Labs Introduces World's most energy-efficient USB Microcontrollers

Internet of Things (IoT) art microcontrollers, sensors and wireless connectivity solutions, a leading provider of Silicon Labs (Silicon Technology Co., Ltd.) today announced the industry's most energy-efficient USB microcontroller (MCU). The new Happy Gecko MCU Silicon Labs is an award-winning EFM32® 32 位 newest member of the MCU product family offers the industry's lowest USB power, enabling longer battery life and energy harvesting applications.

Last year, 15,000 people lost Ericsson CEO says accelerate change

In the course of the ICT transformation, Ericsson has now become very light. During the 2015 MWC, Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg told Artesyn Technologies in an interview, said, "We now have 66% of the sales revenue from software and services. We expect that in 2020 75% of the company's revenue comes from software and services So, we do go on a road change very fast, and now 90% of our investment in R & D are also software. "visible, Ericsson's future income anchor has been getting" light. "

Intel introduced the need for timely and competitive mobile chip

January 25, according to foreign media reports, is a chip giant Intel, which each quarter research and development costs than many competitors and peers are more than a year. On the PC and server processor market, Intel's product is the best, it is reflected in the two markets is almost perfect.
But it is known that the performance of Intel in the mobile processor market much weaker. Intel mobile processor time is usually listed belated, even on sale, and Intel's mobile chips are uncompetitive, leading to weak sales, profitability difficult.

Infineon and UMC Co. announced a manufacturing agreement for automotive applications

A global leader in semiconductor maker Infineon Technologies AG and semiconductor foundry industry UMC Corp. announced that it will expand its manufacturing partnership to power semiconductors for automotive applications. Before expanding partnerships, UMC logic chip production for Infineon partnership has more than 15 years. According to the agreement signed recently, the two companies will work together to Infineon's automotive-grade quality Smart Power Technology (SPT9) transferred to UMC and extended to 300mm wafer production contract.

Restricting the three elements of intelligent wearable industrial outbreak

2014 is about to conclude, for the intelligent wear industry pioneers, this year is the passion and confusion associated with each other for one year. Passion is the intelligent wear industry changing every day, exciting, exciting information; confusion lies in the product itself does not seem to get involved through the market gains the desired objectives.

2014 Taiwan's IC industry output forecast to grow 16.4%

Research institutions estimate, in 2014 the output value of Taiwan's IC industry to NT $ 2 trillion 1,983 billion, representing a growth of 16.4 percent in 2013. 2014 annual Taiwan's IC industry has hit bottom in the first quarter, the second quarter as the peak, the annual output value of NT $ 2 trillion 1,983 billion, exceeded 20 trillion mark, and grew 16.4% compared with 2013. Taiwan's IC industry in 2015 will be slightly warmed, the output value of NT $ 2 trillion estimated 3,330 billion, representing a growth of 6.1 percent in 2014.

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