Development of wood-plastic flooring

In fact, China's plastic template has experienced three decades of development, different specifications of plastic template is also increasing, currently in construction engineering and bridge engineering has also been a large number of applications, and achieved some results. But plastic building templates for various reasons, production is still low, it has not been universal application, all kinds of plastic template is in continuous development and development stage.

China's first plastic template was in 1982, Baosteel Engineering Command and Shanghai Yuehua glass factory jointly developed into a "modular stereotypes reinforced plastic template", which was adopted in 1983 identified. This template selection polypropylene substrate, glass fiber reinforced composite material by injection molding, the template structure and specifications for size and combined steel template is basically the same, in Shanghai Baosteel and other more than 10 civil and dike construction engineering . 1984-1988, Changzhou, Wuxi, Kunming and other places of the Institute and Plastic Factory, also developed different types of plastic template, but the several plastic template template due to lower capacity and stiffness, heat resistance is poor, board prone to creep, can not meet the construction requirements. In addition, when higher prices of polypropylene material, and therefore did not get a lot of application.

The 1990s, due to price a lot of promotion and application of bamboo plywood formwork plywood templates, as well as polypropylene material is also high and other reasons, the development of plastic building templates units less, and thus a slower rate of development of plastic template.

The new century, as China has strongly advocated the development of energy-saving, low-cost products, and the development and performance of the plastics industry plastic composite material improvements, but also a variety of new plastic templates are constantly being developed and born. At present, all have been put into production of plastic template companies have 100 or so, in which similar enterprises in Sichuan Province, about 20 or so, the development of a variety of products, such as reinforced plastic template, intermediate hollow plastic template, low foaming multilayer structural plastic template, plastic formwork, GMT building templates, plastic templates steel frame, wood-plastic composite templates.



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