CSGO should wait for yourself to disentomb

Actually LZ also does not know. . . Ah! Irrespective nevertheless, want you to input Cl_interp_ratio 1 only this parameter, your computer can be calculated automatically the numeric size that your Interp wants, should install Ratio into only so 1 good.

Finally, did not forget to install Fps_max into 300 oh, if you want to know how much the Fps in game is after all, should input only Net_graph 3 (1 and 2 OK also) can be in screen is right next horn see because LZ is hit with all the time,

Fps was worth; , so basic it is to be between 150-250, had not arrived basically 300. . . Of course, there still are a lot of individuations to install in game, allow a heart for instance, model scale, indication mode, HUD scale of what, these should wait for yourself to disentomb cough up, had the main setting of above,

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