Must continue to win victory, just a no escape game

This season's NBA finals has entered the most crucial stage, in the last game, Michael Irving and lebron James are cut 40 +, the key to become a Cavs in reverse again. In the American media interview today, the cavaliers will JR Smith again mentioned Carey Michael Irving and lebron James. JR Smith admitted: "Michael Irving and James two people have the ability in the final two games again and cut down 82 points, no matter how, I don't mind if they want to cut down 100 points."
In addition to lebron James and Carey Irving, for the cavaliers, to defeat the powerful, the golden state warriors, JR, I also have to do better. This season, JR Smith averaged can contribute 12.4 points and shooting 40% from, and is one of the best perimeter defender in the cavaliers. The regular season, JR, a total of 204 3-pointers, and threw it into the history record breaking team, at the same time ranked seventh in the NBA this season.
Especially in the league now, more and more emphasis on 3-pointers today, JR Smith of more important significance Koa Misi Nike Jerseys for the cavaliers, ups and downs in love, in addition to the Irving, JR Smith is the most guarantee the cavaliers in the perimeter players, in the face of the golden state warriors splash brothers, JR Smith must come up with a better state, may let the cavaliers in tomorrow to continue the battle.
Play, Irving had 41 points and 3 rebounds and five assists; James had 41 points, 16 rebounds and seven assists, led the cavaliers beat the warriors, 112-97 on road, the big the score to 2 to 3. The next game, the cavaliers at home, for them is a no escape Byron Maxwell Authentic Jersey game again. The return of the green let the strongest warriors able to play, it also requires the cavaliers to do better to beat the warriors.