With the gradual expansion of WPC market, the domestic production capacity of WPC also greatly improved, the data show that China's current annual sales of plastic products reached 15 million tons, ranking second in the world. In terms of quality, some manufacturers of the level of technology has leapt to the forefront of the world, its innovative products in the world market have a place.
After years of development, China's plastics industry template maturing varieties and specifications plastic template is also increasing, currently in construction engineering and bridge engineering has been widely used, as the country vigorously promote the development of energy-saving, low-cost products, and the development and performance of the plastics industry plastic composite material improvements, but also a variety of new plastic templates are constantly being developed and born. At present, China WPC enterprises concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta region, the South enterprises are an absolute advantage in the number of products and markets, and slowly began to highlight the advantages of industrial clusters.
In the global demand for energy saving, plastic sheet with good prospects for development. In our case, the use of plastic as a big country, every year consume a large amount of plastic pollution lot of discarded plastic sheeting, plastic bags and other plastic products produced by seriously restricting the sustainable development of our country, and to set energy efficiency and environmental a wood-plastic composite material can be used as a substitute for plastic, naturally welcomed by the market, it is in the furniture industry, interior decoration industry, packaging industry, the travel industry and the future of interior wooden house construction, plastic sheet are increasingly the more common.
Champoux consulting released "2014-- Chinese wood (green wood) Reports Survey 2017" shows: plastic sheet has broad market prospects and strong market competitiveness. Future, wood-plastic composite board range of applications will be more extensive, while China should establish a mature plastic formwork system, the need in terms of product innovation, standards and services and other efforts.