Love maybe usher a new life by joining the Rockets

Since joining Cavs, Kevin Love's performance has been disappointing, before the news that if the Cavs don't win Rob Ramage Avalanche Jersey of the season, Love is bound to leave. Series game 5, Cavs win, Love is still perform poorly.
In those days in order to get Kevin Love, two Cavs to send out the draft, which including the rising star Andrew wiggins. During this year's NBA finals, the performance of the Love, before yahoo! Sports reported that Cavs still can't win if this season, they will likely send Kevin Love.
And, of course, if Kevin Love to join the Rockets, his style is very fit for this team. Love can rebound, have good ability of jumpers, and d 'antoni is not a defensive football coach, to join the Rockets, Love may usher in a new life.
However, if this summer, Cavs to see off Kevin Love, they switch back to chip, is likely to be much less than when they pay. Series of game 5, Love to return to the starting, Cavs 112-97 win over the warriors, but Love is difficult to make people happy with the performance. In James and Michael Irving force under the condition of 82 points, Love 1 of 5 shots, only 2 points and 3 rebounds.
More awkward is, when for the first quarter to 5 minutes, then Love wanted to James and high-fived, but James chose to ignore, and with the performance of the Love before a rebuke.
Apparently, during this year's NBA finals, the performance of the Love too embarrassed, play, Love bench played 25 minutes, only 11 points and five rebounds. Of course, Love struggle Blackhawks David Rundblad Womens Jersey not only exists in this season, last season, when there is an obvious decline of the data in his.
Though badly in Cleveland, but after all, Love ever prove yourself in this league, if really want to Love, Cavs league there must be a team ask price. Had previously there are media reports that if the cavaliers chose this summer off Love, the Rockets will likely choose to loot.