Bamboo Flooring

Anji locates northwest of Hangzhou, is one of most famous bamboo hometown in China. Anji started their bamboo industry since 1990, from selling raw bamboo, to bamboo mat, bamboo flooring and bamboo panels. Not only raw materials, but also deep usage of bamboo in the production.

It used 3 pieces of bamboo to produce 1 square meter of bamboo flooring. In 2009,Anji's bamboo revenue was 11.2 billion RMB or 1.7 billion USD. In 2010, Anji's bamboo sales revenue was 115 billion RMB or 1.76 billion USD. Anji supplied 90% of bamboo for Shanghai World Expo.

Anji is working to build the first bamboo flooring brand in the world and becoming to be the biggest centre for bamboo production, distribution, development and training in the world. With protection of industrial base, Anji produced 20 million square meters of bamboo flooring which is 30% of the world. Anji is the leader for bamboo flooring production and distribution.

Anji government worked together with Anji bamboo flooring factories and helped them promote bamboo to the world. The government issued special bamboo policy to the factories, like attending fair together, advertising on TV and newspaper, recommending to other countries' government, setting up bonus for factories grown-up etc. All these policies are under government's cost.

On this Domotex in Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre, 12 bamboo flooring factories from Anji built a big booth with "China Bamboo Flooring Capital", "Green Flooring", "Anji Standard". They showed up together in this fair and became the focus point of visitors and buyers.

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Bamboo Flooring

We know that it is so hard to stroll in the slipping floor. We should roll out the correct improvements in our reality with new systems. Bamboo ground surface will be constantly extraordinary compared to other procedure that will use for maintain a strategic distance from slips. So we can influence our home feeling to secure for our children as well. Assignment Service


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Bamboo Flooring

The government issued special bamboo policy to the factories, like attending fair together, advertising on TV and newspaper, recommending to other countries' government

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We know how difficult it is to walk in the slipping floor. We should make the exact changes in our world with new techniques. Bamboo flooring will be always one of the best technique that will use for avoid slips. So we can make our home feeling secure for our kids too.

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Bamboo Flooring

I am pretty sure when I start decorating my new house with bamboo, I will order it from China. Even though the transportation is expensive, you' ll a get a quality bamboo and not the result of some utilized materials. I remember reading essay about building materials.


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