WPC products the choice of colors

    When planning your wood floor, wood Matson provides the full range of rich colors that could be considered - allows you to design virtually unlimited. Color mix and match to create your own unique all-making patterns and color combinations.
Thanks to a unique extrusion process, color can truly uniform and consistent. Year after year, it still looks good. You do not need to spend time to stain or repair. Compared with traditional wood materials, wood Matson is: real natural, friendly, no paint, seal, will not rot or termite biting, easy to install. MAG is a real wood floor to enjoy unlimited.
Our unique production process is the use of a variety of cellulosic feedstocks, wood flour and plastic resins. So our products are more consistent than the color of composite materials made of other materials, look more natural and beautiful, higher quality.
Jianghua WPC use of sophisticated color measuring system to ensure that there are color deviations compact so that the smallest change in hue. Matson wooden floor surface of each plate, natural beauty between each batch of plates and have no color patches.
UV protection additives reduce the influence of fading from the sun's harmful. With UV inhibitor plus matte surface, so that the color of new and weathered wood floor Matson between minimized. Matson timber using highly reflective inorganic pigment will absorb solar minimum.

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WPC products the choice of

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WPC products the choice of

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WPC products the choice of

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WPC products the choice of

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WPC products the choice of colors

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