fifa 15 coins Media evaluation to closed beta launch publicity

Exhibition of ancient China, Wu precision, passed down to routine, [url=]fifa 15 coins[/url]are very precious essences, can make the human body potential full play, becoming the most optimized human locomotion. Football, like Shaolin Kung Fu, and body movements. I think that, if developed to a certain level of football, and should appear similar to the stylized movements of Shaolin kungfu routines, called in ancient China.

Media evaluation to closed beta launch publicity, while player evaluation will help game improve. Then, nine city and in each big website for mass of beta, issued activities, temporarily Zhijian, FIFA ONLINE2 of Thunder no two December 22, FIFA ONLINE2 beta started, time set for 11:0023:00, so human of time set not only full for players health sake, while also mobilization up players on this paragraph game of looks forward to, meaning Judah not do zhihou only will has more deep of pursuit beta during, nine city focused on through game strengthened on players of stimulus, Launched a series of online activities in favour of player public beta. Such as "team manager of gift", players zainei measuring during Team Manager just reached specifies grade, in game public measuring Hou a week within login game can obtained "players card" 1 Zhang, different grade obtained players card of color also not as, 30 level above of beta players even can obtained purple players card a Zhang (can obtained integrated capacity 1500 above players one, and equivalent directly obtained top star a people) ; Players collect page to submit the issues identified during the closed beta, as well as during the event to complete the specified task, [url=][/url]will have the opportunity to get the reward! In addition, nine more expected of a mysterious task is also planned, these mysterious task as the beta process will give the player more surprise ninetowns beta campaign unprecedented, resulting in national costume scene is unprecedented within the closed beta servers.