Guild Wars 2 Norn Guide

The Norn are also one of the five available races in guild wars 2 game, they are a kind of giantkin that currently inhabit parts of Kryta and the abandoned dwarven fortresses in the Shiverpeak Mountains. The Norn are adept hunters, they have no traditional deities, instead looking to the Spirits of the Wild. Maybe you will need Guild Wars 2 gold when you play this race. The individualistic norn live for the hunt, so their tracking, stealth and killing skills make them invaluable allies in any combat situation. And they won't let one lost battle, no matter how punishing, because they know that only the ultimate victor achieves legendary rewards.

The norn normally have the appearance of large humans, but they are able to shift into a were-creature of one of the Spirits of the Wild. In their humanoid form they are not only tall, at around nine feet, but their proportions are much broader and more heavily muscled than a typical human. If you need Guild Wars 2 cd key when play this race, you can deal with us. Thruln the Lost describes the norn as being giants along with the Jotun. Norn can also have long lives, a norn might live to 120 and maintain their good health and vitality for a long time, though very few die of old age. Norn typically have light or pale skin, while those living in Lion's Arch have their skin tanned by the sun. According to Kranxx, norn generate a considerable amount of body heat at the slightest exertion.

The culture of Norn is highly individualistic with a focus on personal success and glory - particularly when gained from the hunt or in a battle. The norn do not fear death as they believe the bold and strong can achieve immortality, but they do fear they will be weak and end up forgotten. As a result each norn seeks to prove themselves, to build their legend through feats of individual valor and great victories. Wanting to know more information or how to make gold in guild wars 2, you can visit our site.