Eco-friendly wood-plastic composite materials highlight

When high-quality wood products more and more people of all ages, wood products are increasingly popular in the city, when reducing pollution forest environment remains alert to us. How can satisfy people's needs and attachment timber, and reducing the demand for logs, protection of natural forest resources? Ministry of Construction Information Center to show consumers a new type of green materials --- wood composite material today. Wood-plastic composite material is the amount of waste plastic and wood powder corner polymerization of artificial wood.

Due to the incorporation of a small amount of plastic components, wood material can effectively remove the natural defects of natural wood, waterproof, fire, corrosion, anti-termite function. Also, because the main ingredient is wood, wood and wood residue, wood texture and the same can be nails, drilling, grinding, sawing, planing, paint, easy deformation, cracking. Unique production process and technology can make the amount of material loss is reduced to zero. WPC materials and products being respected, it has outstanding environmental features, it can be recycled, almost free of harmful volatile substances and gases, detected by the authorities, the release of formaldehyde only 0.3mg / L, significantly below the national standard (national standard is 1.5mg / L), is a truly green synthetic material sense.

On WPC new product launches environmental information center organized by the Ministry of Construction, WPC technology owners, WPC Singapore Technologies and its partners in China to the competent departments of the government in Beijing, the major design institutes and the media show technical performance and related indicators of green products.

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Eco-friendly wood-plastic

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Eco-friendly wood-plastic

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