wpc flower production and installation tips

WPC flower production is a combination of plastic and wood characteristics, while the proportion of the ratio of the two sides has become an important one, the proper proportion to the ratio of an advantage in terms of performance, quality will use more secure. At the same time it can be said WPC flower ratio is the key to affect product quality, but also a company's core technology, the most important presence.
WPC flower has its own allocation ratio is generally made of plastic and wood flour of various additives in combination, depending on the proportion of flower wood processing equipment varies, but also because of the product's use, requirements vary. Prior to processing in accordance with the formula ratio of the wood powder, plastic additives and release a high speed mixer and mixed, primarily to enable uniform mixing of several raw materials and additives for the extrusion or injection pressing to do preparatory work.
Wood pergolas Installation gap control, control in a reasonable range, wood flower pillar pillars road ground clearance installation Installation time can be used inside the steel embedded in the concrete pillars embedded steel bottom plate and then welding or with bolts fastening. When the total length of more than 300 meters of wood flower to consider when construction of deformation transitional post. Style, the choice of profile specifications and railing spans are closely related.
Installation WPC flower general sheet metal cutting, sawing, drilling, open tenon. You can use the fixing screw fastening between wood flower, outdoor flooring installation time required between the left and right channels with each flower wood keel using a screw.
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wpc flower production and

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