They almost managed to make CSGO Skins

Team Liquid?put a really good fight against the last major finalist,.they almost managed to make it to the third map. But, due to the lack of experience or confidence, Team Liquid?managed to give away a 14-7 lose this map with 14-16.

The turning point for the Ukranian team was when Ioann "Edward"?Sukhariev?handled to clutch a 1vs3 situation, securing their 8th ct round.putting his team right back into the game.

Show Dates Vladimir "Angel" Kojadinovic Being in charge of eSport events.developing the dota 2 wiki at GosuGamers, Vladimir "Angel" Kojadinovic boasts a diverse eSports profile.

Here it is AK-47 Skins CS GO:
Here it is Bowie Knife Skins:


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