Today, Chinese flooring industry is a "cold wind" blowing in such a context, a lot of flooring companies began to gradually realize the importance of brand building, and has a good brand image is undoubtedly the industry in such a "winter" the most effective warm winter clothes. Then the corporate brand image of the floor from where to start?
Arrow was able to out of the most important reason is that targeted, floor branding is all about. Increasing the production surplus, growing homogenization of the product today, the flooring brand competition is no longer dependent on simple product quality, specifications, price war, is to rely more personalized service, war feelings of belonging, stable consumer groups brand is the key to survival floors foundation for the development of consumer satisfaction, loyalty and recommendation is to victory.
If aimless, chaos everywhere throw the chance of hitting the target naturally very slim, so the shape of the floor is the brand 'grotesque', not only difficult to impress consumers, but can not make them happy, loyalty and recommendation, flooring brands it will be competitive out of the question. So, this 'is' what is it?
Objects brands that consumers pay attention to brand targeting consumer groups, they are the brand's starting point and ending point. Products have their own core competencies, to be able to move the target consumers, they continue to attract the consumer to form brand awareness and dependence. Do flooring products, the core technology is the key. Flooring products should also improve the user experience, enhance personalized products, improve service and other aspects of the initiative, take advantage of opportunities and some brand-name due Diandaqike aside to produce similar products more than their scientific and technological content, more Wumart inexpensive and more comfortable to use intimate, more distinctive characteristics of the flooring products in the market quickly, "blaze a new trail" to enhance the recognition of the corporate brand.
There is an important consumer law can not be ignored, the consumer object is a hierarchical classification. On society as a whole, consumers often become part of a special consumer fashion and brand value leader, they play a unique brand development towards an important role, especially in the field of high-end designer to create high-end consumer, such as "face consumption "" contact consumption "and" luxury consumption "are even more so.
Do the floor hard, much harder to do the brand flooring. Floor brand to really stand up, still need to make unremitting efforts. Just flooring brands can sink in the heart internally and externally, and the momentum out of, I think, after the nature of the floor, the World Friends of the floor, long-Sheng floor, the abundance floor, there will certainly be a large number of flooring brands can proudly stand in the famous forest , choice for consumers.




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