How to deal with the challenges of solid wood composite flooring manufacturers in the electricity business model

currently, with the continuous development of e-commerce, the major Flooring Companies in business development also began to have eager, which many enterprises began to attempt of o2o mode, but electric o2o mode most lets the human worry is the line on the line how to effective integration.
For electronic business platform, the biggest difficulty is to achieve O2O closed loop, O2O closed loop refers to the two between O to achieve docking and recycling. Online marketing, publicity, promotion, to lead the line down to the consumer experience, to achieve the transaction. But this is only a O2O model of the transaction, there is no closed loop, to be closed loop, it is up to the next line from the line up. Users of the line under the feedback of the consumer experience, the line users to lead to online communication, online experience and other acts which is to achieve a closed loop, that is, from the line to the next line, and then back to the line.
in the service life of the field, user behavior, unlike floor business as at the end of the online, user behavior split for both online and offline part, from the perspective of the platform, if the floor users can not record all the acts or lack of the quite a part of, the platform is likely to be worried about losing control of businesses, the bargaining power is lost, the value of this platform is small. O2O closed loop is in fact the platform can integrate user information flow and cash flow problems, so as to build the foundation for the future profitability of the platform.
Most of the o2o floor business platform requires online consumer orders, consumption under the line, but from the user's perspective, o2o business platform link closed loop not businesses or consumers the real needs of, even let consumer shopping experience becomes more complicated.
part of enterprises to adopt closed loop o2o mode, solid wood composite flooring consumers through online shop understand product information can be directly with the line contact the merchant. After the intention to line the store to see samples or to buy, and does not need to through the website orders and payment, the entire shopping process with the traditional link almost, but than the traditional channels of many links of a pre shopping guide information to solve the problem of asymmetry of information of both sides of supply and demand in the traditional home building materials industry, promote home building materials product price transparency, so that consumers purchase more open heart.

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