Typically the newly revised business enterprises comprehensive assessment

Typically the newly revised business enterprises comprehensive assessment of yield advantage approach, focusing on typically the evaluation and weighting, corporate score working out, sorting method, and so on have been adjusted, and attempt to build reasonably indicate the objective reality, often the scientific measure of company efficiency Evaluation Technique. Meanwhile, after the setup of policies differentiated performance evaluation be revised to improve, specifically water, Yiwu Socks Market electricity along with price differentiation, difference of urban territory use tax comfort, environmental resources differentiated configuration core plan focus revised.

Found that the yield profit comprehensive evaluation technique in seven key aspects of the realignment. Including improvement associated with evaluation system, the actual establishment of static correction coefficients, the analysis carried out by industry, The enterprises to raise the particular threshold finalists, your class B enterprises binned lessee adjustment plans and adjustment insurance policies on the evaluation of any particular enterprise. All these more complete, detailed, scientific evaluation approaches, to guide adjustment regarding water, electricity, propane, emission rights, area targets, tax coverage, etc ., to achieve "accurate help enterprises. inch In addition , Yiwu market the next step, the metropolis will implement differentiated configuration policies incorporate elements of urban property use tax, normal water and electricity price tag differential, and other the environmental resources for the Any, B, C, G four categories of enterprise, to concentrate their limited resources allotted to economic factors powerful, high yield positive aspects, social contribution significant enterprises, and by unproductive enterprises substantive Compelled to further stimulate typically the consciousness of company restructuring and replacing, leveraging the city's economic structure adjusting and transformation, to ensure more resource aspects quality and useful service for the entity, so that "Excellence" to get "top student. inches


Typically the newly revised

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