The level of James had made the whole "light up"

Beat the warriors, the Cavs will be the final total score for 2-3. James scored 41 points and 16 rebounds, 7 assists, three steals Teemu Selanne Youth Jersey and blocks in a regular (+) in the playoffs this season in the highest, become 2001 o 'neill assists rebounds in a first place in the finals game after 40 + 15 + 5 players, a game in the playoffs and finals data list beyond legend of seven.
James milestone, he scored 41 points, the game in the playoffs for the 174th time score 20 +, more than Jordan game 173 (20 +), become the king of the NBA playoffs 20 + games. James finals total score of 1011 points, more than magic Johnson (971 points) finals, scoring in the finals the ninth, become the ninth in the entire NBA finals score 1000 + player, active final score 1000 + he only one.
A fight, James there is no way to retreat the. Compared with previous four games, James a three obvious change is the first quarter were opened, made two 3-pointers single section, according to ESPN James outside before game 4 in the first half a ball, a total of 8 shots in 0. Helped found in touch as soon as possible, this is the ultimate big action that James, he is the only way is it possible to break the warriors play defense.
warriors defending James strategy is one-to-one, not easily double, wheel war para James, one by one to battle his energy consumption, couldn't put the tu. James player will set aside a certain space, intention is very obvious, James if the shooting as a god, warrior is recognized, but the warriors believe James in shooting away from the area of area is not stable. This some like BaoWenFang James in the 2007 finals, when the media between chuckles bowen and James can put down an aircraft carrier.
James does not helped in so far-fetched, but he hesitated when applying the technique, often will resolutely cast into disrepute, such as the 2013 NBA finals games 6 and 7. James shot the ball firmly, the effect is quite obvious, has scored 25 points in the first half, this is his half points in the playoffs this season. It is important to note that James half zero assists, his last zero assists in the finals half a second in the 2007 finals. Right way to deal with the game, what reasonable play, James will all these things aside, this is to get points. Especially in the case of green suspensions, less barrier before James, his offense more freely.
Andrew bogut was injured for the warriors defense is worse, ESPN journalist jerryd bayless on twitter said: "without Andrew bogut and green on the court, James route Luke Adam Elite Jersey is a highway to the basket." Andrew bogut and can't play green, James's breakthrough is more convenient, but he was the most worthy of thumb up three points, three points back step this action is also used to come out and hit. Bayless commented: "cole is don't care about the James's jumper, James this let him pay a price."
Explore James without psychological fetter, continue to state outbreak had 16 points in the second half, with Irving to break the warriors. James score 40 + for the first time this season, along with 16 rebounds, 7 assists, three steals and blocks in became o 'neill in 2001, in the finals game played 40 + 15 + 5 first person, is the fate of level. Of course, we can not ignore the warriors game without a green, Andrew bogut halfway back injury, these conditions created conditions for the outbreak of James.


The level of James had made

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