A crazy game, the result is surprising and understandable

In the absence of green, Andrew bogut hip injury cases, the warriors with a 97-112 home defeat to Cavs, aggregate Oilers Ben Scrivens Jersey into 2 to 3. But Irving had 41 points, the game James got 41 points and 16 rebounds, 7 assists. This is the NBA finals history, for the first time the team teammates scored 40 + scenes together.
Cavs' off to a bad start, was beaten by the mighty wave 9-3, tryon lu had to request to suspend. Suspend Irving raid layup after successful, James outside MAO in three points. After completing 2 + 1 attack JR, garage made long shots, iguodala again two free throws, the score into 17-11. The visiting team not to be outdone, JR continuous 3-pointer with James, tenacious tied. Barbosa 3-pointer, James JR raid success reengineering foul two free throws, Cavs's fantastic. Garage immediately also with color, livingston finished 2 + 1 attack, James couple made after the first section made in 32-29, the home team lead.
Jefferson scored four points, three points of Irving again, Cavs shot to a 7-0 attack Grant Fuhr Jersey wave. Thompson perimeter shooting, Irving. Be with James Thompson to this quarter, soup god outside continuous 3-pointer, single section single-handedly scored 18 points. But James is also not to be outdone, half person get 25 points. The two sides in this section, you score rise alternately. Barnes and curry soup made long shots in a row, the warriors led 61-58. Jg emperor immediately raid dunk also made YiZeLi fouls, 2 + 1, Cavs half-court and warriors within 61-61.
Downlines and just start, variable pitch occurs, Andrew bogut was hit his knee in defensive JR, right on the pain, under the help of staff exits. Warriors, officials issued Steve Carlton Kids Jersey a notice Andrew bogut due to his left knee sprain, exit the game. When defending champion inside empty, Cavs certain trendency, Jefferson raid layup, abandoning the visitors to a 85-75 lead 10 points. Foul by cole, but the effect is not good. Thompson two free throws, Jefferson raid the hoop is successful, the gap is widening instead to 11 points. Last-minute warriors errors in a row, the Cavs has failed to seize the opportunity. Raiding with Barnes, Cavs led 93-84 with nine points into the details.
Lindsay garage first 3-pointer, distance. Both sides started a dogfight, Irving line storm get complete 2 + 1, Cavs to reestablish a double-digit lead. Thompson and scored four points in the Treasury, but Irving's attack like hanging them, simply stop. Before the end of the game 5 minutes 50 seconds, Irving turned and jumpers continue to hit. Garage flanks while the iron is hot, or OuWenSan points hit! At this moment, he had 41 points. 13 points of difference implies the warriors to desperate gamble, but the defending http://www.authenticredwingsstore.com/terry-sawchuk-jersey_c-434.html champion was suddenly scoring drought. 3 minutes and 22 seconds remaining, the two sides are 16 points. Such a huge gap, means that the mighty tide.


A crazy game, the result is

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