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And if Bull frogs had wings they wouldn't bump their little rear-end when they landed. Don't make the mistake of thinking that rushing all over the place you are being your most productive self. Don't make the mistake of thinking that when you take time out for thought you are wasting your time. All play and no work makes Jack a poor boy adidas superstar 2 trainers uk , but, quality time in thought can turn your wishes into diamonds. As Plain As Black And White! It has been said; if you invest one percent of your time in study, thinking and planning, you will make an amazing difference in the speed with which you reach your goals. Everyday has 1440 minutes in it. Invest one percent of that time everyday in study, thinking and planning and you will be amazed at what those fourteen minutes can do for you. Developing this daily habit will bring you ideas and solutions not just when you are in your study time, but, almost anywhere. You could be walking down the street, or giving a speech. You could be singing in the shower or cleaning a dirty diaper. Yuk. Now, pay attention: "Goals", are not wishes. Wings don't belong on Bull frogs and beggars can't be choosers. And, you are not going to achieve your goals by wishes, or begging, or, lying around and licking your wounds. Goals are accomplished by taking the bull by the horn and wrestling that rascal to the ground. Easy As ABC! How do you do that? There are three things you need to do. (1), you need to write the goal down. (2), Aim your sights high. And, (3), Create a deadline. Writing the goal down gives it purpose and clarity. You got to know what you're going after or else how will you know if you ever get it? Writing the goal down also will make an impression on your memory. As an idea comes to our minds, that we have an interest in, we tend to analyze the thought with our "thinker cap", and determine if we can achieve it. If the idea has merit, we continue to analyze till we either find ourselves blowing and going like a locomotive, or fizzling out like a wet fuse. You will always find yourself pursuing energetically cheap adidas superstar 2 trainers , something that has made an indelible impression on your mind. Just Between You And Me And The Fence Post! If it hasn't made that kind of impression, then you will not find the kind of fire in your desire that you need to go for broke. Your goals will still be like that stupid bull frog that wishes he had wings. Now, obviously, going broke is not what you want to happen. But, the attitude is what is important. Aim your sights high. It takes no more effort to aim high and accept prosperity, abundance, peace, health, life; than it does to settle for misery and poverty and small potatoes. Now, no one has ever achieved one hundred percent of all their goals. But, why settle for a pig in a poke. The problem comes where we aim so low that we accomplish that goal with relative ease, and then, when the goal is accomplished, we realize all we got was this great looking slick bull frog, but the sucker's got no wings. Now, at that moment, we're not thinking, now wait a minute! This sucker doesn't fly because I set my sights so low, that I became over confident, and reeled that bad boy in like a pro. Our great accomplishment just doesn't seem to satisfy and something seems lacking. You're Not Just Whistling Dixie! It is a lot better to shoot for the stars and miss them half way, than to shoot for the ceiling and miss it half way. There seems to be a direct relationship between how easy we can accomplish our goals, and the mental power propelling the motivation. If you're not expending considerable energy to reach the stars, then it ain't the stars you're reaching for. You might as well be reaching for a clouded crystal ball adidas ultra boost grey mens 9 , and reciting, twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. The stars don't give themselves easy to anyone. When you set your sights for the stars, you will subconsciously increase the amount of effort that you apply. You have too. The higher the goal, the more your reason will tell you to be objective and honest with yourself. It will become mandatory that you expend enough effort to move your mountain. So, you will set a series of steps that have to be reached in order to go to the next level or higher position. Goals are never reached, no matter how high or low, in one step. And, each level that we find ourselves having reached, we gain a little more confidence and head for the next level. Get A Move On! Ask yourself this question. Where will you be and what will you be doing ten years from now if you keep doing what you are doing right now? This is the importance of setting a deadline for the goal. When you write your goal, you will specify the time limit for achieving it. This gives finality to it. Keep this in mind. Always be aggressive in asking life for more than what you really want. Ask for more than what you think you're worth. Why should I do that? Because, people have a tendency to meet the demands and expectations that are placed upon them within their time constraints. Waiting With Baited Breath! After you rise to the occasion and present the prize to yourself, then the next time you set out to accomplish a goal, you will be mentally prepared to grab the whole enchilada, take a licking and keep on ticking. It will be very beneficial if you outline the goal from beginning to end. Just don't try to answer every question at the very beginning. This is sometimes not possible. We don't always know all the answers when first starting out. This is why fear sometimes will hold us back. But, fear is never a friend to your goals. And, besides, the devil you know is better than the devil you don't. Herein Lays Your Door Of Opportunity! This is so important for you to take action on the goal and start moving towards it one step at a time. And, keep moving and keep moving. It won't move closer to you unless you're moving closer to it. And, if you let the.

NBA 2K18: When Will Be Released And More Details

Actually, A game like nba mt coins is still a long way, all of a suddenly, it seems to that Nintendo held a live stream event for the Nintendo Switch. However, NBA 2K18 was among the games unveiled which some feel came a bit premature. it's undeniable to say that NBA 2K18 MT for sale. Regarding NBA 2K18 the release date, including the cover star as well as the new features and so on, check out more: Most of fans are curious about the forthcoming 2K game, in addition, the NBA 2K18 has already started to make a buzz in the gaming.

First of all, the release trend for previous NBA 2K games. NBA 2K14 and NBA 2K15 were released in the month of October. They haven’t released the game before the second month of October, ever.

The trend came down to September since 2015 as NBA 2K16 was released on September 29 and the latest NBA 2K16 was released on September 20. That confirms that NBA 2K18 will be released in the month of September.

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adidas ultra boost grey mens

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hot topics on Chinese social media this week

hot topics on Chinese social media this week

After a physics teacher social media hot topics in china his tutoring video online for under two dollars. 2,617 students paid up, earning him RMB 18,842 (USD 2,915) an hour.

The online tutoring business is booming due to its easy access and affordable price. Wang Yu from Shandong Province is one of the popular online tutors, and he said his monthly income surpasses RMB 200,000.

While a spokesman from the Nanjing Education Bureau said online tutoring is “breaking the rules” and should be banned, it is nevertheless welcomed by many teachers and parents in China.A tutee said he chose online classes out of dissatisfaction with local teaching resources.

According to, nearly 100 million people use online education in China, and the number is expected to surpass 120 million in 2017, making the market worth over USD 100 billion. China is ranked the number-one country for package deliveries with a total of 20 billion parcels sent last year, according to the State Post Bureau of China. But behind the success of China’s e-commerce industry that is driving this huge volume of deliveries lies a horrendous amount of packaging that gets wasted. According to the Central News Agency of Taiwan, calculating from the total volume of parcels delivered, mainland China may have consumed as much as 2.96 billion woven sacks, 8.26 billion plastic bags, 9.9 billion packing boxes and 16.95 billion meters of tape. These staggering numbers made this one of the hottest topics on Weibo this week.
According to the news report, most express companies and e-commerce companies don’t have recycling plans for packaging materials. Boxes are recyclable, but low profits in doing it draw few companies to do so. Tape and fillers are directly dumped.


This things can be seen in the marketplace as well as in, every person's residences in different-different types as soon as Diwali 2017 approaches in the schedule. wishes for diwali

China's air quality worsens in first two months

China's air quality worsens in first two months

air quality shanghai worsens worsened year on year in the first two months of 2017 mainly due to unfavorable weather conditions and a warming economy, official data showed.

In the first two months, 338 major cities around China enjoyed good air quality on 64.6 percent of days, down 4.8 percentage points from a year earlier, the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) said in a statement.The average density of fine particulate matter PM2.5 in those cities rose 12.7 percent to 71 micrograms per cubic meter.

In the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the share of days with good air quality was down by 19 percentage points to 44.7 percent in the same period, and PM2.5 density surged 48 percent from a year ago, MEP said.

The share of good air days for Beijing plunged 22.5 percentage points to 54.2 percent.The city of Haikou in southern China's Hainan Province had the cleanest air out of the nation's 74 major cities, while Hebei's capital city Shijiazhuang was the worst polluted.

Chai Fahe, expert with the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, attributed the deterioration partly to unfavorable meteorological conditions for pollutants to disperse, including lighter wind and higher humidity in some regions.