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Cable Ties = Perfect Systems

Cable Ties = Perfect Systems

Fortunately, the technology behind solar power continues to improve and grow, offering an increasing more viable energy alternative, as non-renewable resources are likely to continue declining. Unlike geothermal and wind power,cable marker ties most solar utilities do not require elaborate, large-scale installations and associated maintenance. It is a great option for both residential and commercial applications, hitting all the right buttons with its usage:

Not surprisingly, preparing a system for solar powering requires a delicate touch. If implemented properly, you have a powerful resource that will convert the sun’s natural energy into electricity in an efficient and reliable manner. However, if applied without a skilled hand, you’re looking at a system that won’t work, or worse, has the potential to create a hazardous situation.

In putting together these systems, you want an option that doesn’t interfere with PV solar wiring and cabling. As we are working with solar conducting materials, you need a cable tie that can withstand exposure to varying ranges of heat and solar radiation. Weather resistant cable ties are a perfect choice. Highly durable and with UV resistant engineering, they are designed for outdoor use, offering exceptional performance in a harsh environment. These products come in a range of tensile strengths and sizes, depending on the specific task at hand. Our solar cable ties are easy to install, giving you less to worry about so you can get the job done quickly and safely.

Nelco Products has a vast inventory of cable ties well-suited for solar operations. Our weather resistant cable ties will help you organize, as well as identify, bundles and assemblies between panels and inverters, while also providing you with exceptional environmental resistance. These ties are also corrosive resistant and won’t degrade when attached to a galvanized surface.

Nelco Products is a huge advocate of solar power. Its continued usage will help us enjoy a cleaner environment, less energy expenditure, and healthier communities. But it is critical that we approach this technology with care. Making sure you have all the right tools, such as the weather resistant cable tie, only helps spread the word that solar power is the next logical step for improving the world.