The Daily Maintenance of Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt Hot Mix Plant is a practical and efficient asphalt production equipment, which has occupied an important position in modern construction engineering. Specifically, asphalt hot mix plant plays a significant role in various roads construction works. In order to ensure its smooth operation, users should check and maintain the machine regularly to ensure smooth production process and prolong its service life. As a professional asphalt mixing plant manufacturer, we want to make a brief introduction of the daily maintenance of Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant For Sale.
First of all, users should inspect the whole equipment carefully and thoroughly. Generally speaking, users should make sure that the machine has got full lubrication to ensure the smooth movement of each part and the whole equipment.
Second, users should clean the hopper thoroughly to avoid the blockage of the hopper. Users should also adjust each motor, electric appliance, indicating system and signal system to make it in normal working condition.
At last, users should clean the equipment regularly to avoid the consolidation of asphalt mixtures and concrete, which will affect the normal operation of asphalt batching plant. In addition, users also should keep the equipment and its surrounding environment clean. Users should remove the waste water in the air compressor, storage tank and filter in time.
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FUT 18 TOTW 8, The Unpredictables

FUT 18 TOTW 8, The Unpredictables

A few more "Unpredictables" than normal this week with nine players missed, but that's perhaps more down to EA's own selection choices than our predictions. monedas fifa As always there are big names and big confusion inside, so read on to find out who we missed from TOTW 8, and why we missed them. Lets go!
Bertrand Traore – RW – Lyon

Aaron went for Fekir in his TOTW 8 predictions, and after two goals last week and another two this week that made a whole lot of sense. But instead EA have selected Bertrand Traore from Lyons huge 5-0 win against St. Etienne. Traore grabbed a goal and an assist for the predicted Fekir in what was Lyon’s fourth win in a row in Ligue 1.

Aaron's View: I opted for Traore's teammate, Fekir. Once again, EA felt it was too soon for a SIF, and similarly to last week, they decided to opt for the next best thing instead.
Dani Parejo – CM – Valencia

Speaking of teams inform, Valencia are absolutely flying in La Liga with their seventh straight coming last weekend at home to Leganes, who have been over achieving themselves. Danny Parejo opened the scoring on 13 minutes, and was Valencia’s all-round star man on the day to pick up his first IF of the season.

Aaron's View: Just the one goal to his name, but with a 3-star rating from MARCA, Parejo was always a valid option. It was between him and Kevin De Bruyne, and I went for the wrong option this week.
Mats Hummels – CB – Bayern Munich

Bayern successfully navigated their most difficult away game of the season at Dortmund with a convincing 3-1 win. The goals came from Robben, Lewandowski, and Alaba, all of which could have been selected. The IF, however, is awarded to Hummels, for no other reason that he’s a very good centre half it seems. No clean sheet, no goal, no assist. Very tough to predict, but a great IF for FUT 18.

Aaron's View: A big game between Dortmund and Munich always has IF potential, and Hummels was named MOTM. But with 0 goals, 0 assists, and no clean sheet, I think this IF is pushing it a bit.Read More