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What Is Corporate Portfolio Analysis?

What Is Corporate Portfolio Analysis?

A corporate portfolio analysis takes a close look at a company’s services and products. Each segment of a company’s product line is evaluated including sales, market share, cost of production and potential market strength. The analysis categorizes the company’s products and looks at the competition. The goal is to identify business opportunities, strategize for the future and direct business resources towards that growth potential.To get more corporate news, you can visit shine news official website.
Portfolio analysis can be performed by an outside firm or by company management. There are various tools used for a portfolio analysis with some that look at market share and others that evaluate a company’s product line against the competition. While the process typically points the way for spending for future growth, it can also be used to identify products or services which short-term may become obsolete, suggesting that part of the portfolio be retired and the funds used for areas with more promising growth potential.
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The overall goal of this four-day course is to enhance analytic skills. Participants will use a structured and systematic approach to evaluate the credit standing of a company and assess the relative attractiveness of the risk-return profile of the investing/lending proposition. This is a highly interactive course where case studies and exercises are used to illustrate key learning points, allowing participants to apply the concepts acquired during the course to a real-life scenario. Participants are encouraged to be focused and concise in developing and articulating credit judgement.

We offer a separate course focusing on analyzing commodity producing and trading companies. Participants in need of an introduction of financial analysis are advised to enroll on the Fundamentals of Corporate Financial Statement Analysis course prior to attending this Corporate Credit Analysis course.