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Justice touts nation-leading construction upswing

Appearing on stage at the West Virginia Construction and Design Expo, Gov. Jim Justice touted the state’s growth in construction activity.To get more
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The statistics the governor cited came by way of the Associated General Contractors of America through the U.S. Department of Labor.

West Virginia added the highest percentage of new construction jobs during the past year at 14.4 percent, or 4,300 jobs.

By percentage, West Virginia was just ahead of California (9.8 percent and 75,500 jobs), Nevada (9.7 percent and 7,800 jobs) and New Mexico (9.7 percent and 4,300 jobs).

Justice cited the numbers as clear signs of progress in West Virginia.“When are we going to awaken to the fact that we’ve got a movement in West Virginia?” he said.

As Justice noted, the same association said West Virginia lost the most construction jobs in the country over the course of 2015. That year, West Virginia shed 2,400 jobs, or minus 7.2 percent.

Now, the governor said, the construction activity has such momentum that West Virginia needs workers.

“We’re looking for a lot of good women and good men,” he said.Mike Clowser, president of the Contractors Association of West Virginia, said the improving construction numbers have come from several sectors of the state’s economy. He cited increased road work, natural gas activity, growth in areas like Morgantown and Martinsburg and even some aspects of coal.

“We see growth in construction employment in a number of different areas,” Clowser said.

“A lot of our members in north central West Virginia are now looking for people. Their problem is having enough qualified workers.”Clowser was a major advocate behind the road bond effort that West Virginia voters approved last fall. The Department of Highways plans to go to the bond market in May for the first $800 million.

“When those projects start getting online, we’re going to see even more construction and employment in West Virginia,” Clowser said.

Meanwhile, increased road activity has already begun, he said.

“We expect with a break in the weather — hopefully next week — a lot of paving, a lot of orange cones,” Clowser said. “So when we talk with our members, we are seeing more projects, more architects and engineers and they’re getting more work in their individual companies.”