This year our flooring brand share market trends

Through careful market research, the lock a specific target consumer group, then the introduction of this particular group most in need of breakdown products to meet the specific price of this particular group, through specific channels, and with a specific communication, promotions precise marketing product marketing. This seemingly small but excellent marketing in the current field of marketing is very popular, it's specific name is called Focus marketing.
And look back at our sales floor ring, this is always uphold traditional values. That is, the greater the brand's target consumer groups, sales of products will face more extensive, sales will be. So large nets, fishing without purpose sales floor became the norm.
Focus first before carrying out marketing, we have to understand who are the target consumers of our products, who will pay for our products, so we were the first step in marketing Focus: Focus is to lock the target consumer groups. As an example to illustrate the current rise geothermal flooring market can serve as a typical example.
Geothermal product first understand who their target consumer groups? Is it in winter to warm the needs of high-end customers, the reason is positioned as high-end, because geothermal research and development production technology costs are relatively high, so the floor price is relatively cheap, so buy customers need a certain economic level. But also with ordinary floor is different, geothermal products in sales also have characteristics different from other characteristics of the floor.
Before proceeding Focus marketing on the market investigation it was inevitable, in fact, speaking from another dimension, Focus marketing and market segmentation also has a lot of similarities. They are directed to a particular way of selling specific targets. Focus Marketing believe will usher in a rebound of development characteristics of our flooring products and flooring top ten brands.
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This year our flooring brand

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