Arsenal manager said Giroud is a different Fifa player

I believe Giroud from people here a different Fifa players, "said Wenger. "He understand the requirement of top Fifa 15 football, concentrated in training work, improve his liquidity, technical quality. Of course, FIFA 15 pc COINS is very strong, he is very good." Wenger also very enthusiastic to target different characteristics showed his side alternately quality.

"The first Fifa game goal is we want to do we accumulate, the second Fifa game goal according to the game belong to very good Fifa 15 players. This is because the two Fifa 15 players reacted quickly, they want to do better soon. This is basically what the consequences of an intelligence and technology. "

Arsenal's other main active, from what is a very simple victory, is a new signing gabriel paulista performance. Guard against middlesbrough against a huge industrial foul, but generally consists of. "This is gabriel interesting observation today," said wenger. "In a cup, and we will definitely win his first Fifa 15 game, he showed important quality, a high degree of concentration, defense, the rhythm of the good is very urgent, especially in recycling in his chest. "He played Fifa game with his hand a little bit, because he doesn't want to make a mistake. "From what I see, there are many. "

Arsene wenger believes Fifa 15 Ultimate teams he indicated that he wants to defend the Fifa fa cup, he said Alexis sanchez and eager to show, though he expected to have a rest. "Alexis became a Fifa 15 game. I made a bet, and bring him for 20 minutes. "He always wants to play. Everyone is such, but he is more like it. He didn't miss much. "What is very important for him is to pass without damage. "

Atto karanka also said that he "doesn't like what" "middlesbrough's performance in the first half, his Fifa 15 Ultimate team - who are, of course, won the high praise of the Fifa 15 game season, especially in the fourth round victory over Manchester city - just brushed away. He said, the early victory could make his Fifa 15 players think the game will be" easy ", they are far from the "perfect" level in the lift, air show.

"If fIFA Coins want to from today's Fifa 15 game against Arsenal took something, you have to be perfect, just like in and you have to al-ittihad take advantage of your opportunity. If you make a mistake, it is very difficult. "I don't know if it will be setbacks. There is a little disappointed, because everyone is looking forward to a like Liverpool or Manchester city. This is what I'm concerned about most. We didn't go in we usually go to the ground. "In the second half, but I don't like what in the first half. "