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A fantastic game

In the game, the paparazzi fat will be driving a mini-motorcycle track, while in addition to running, you can also use the slider to speed up movement. Although it looks like a war to chase, but not like this as "Temple Run" That gives people a sense of urgency to be chasing the monster, the paparazzi is entirely pollution-free, at most, is toward the C Ronaldo Press Press speakers.

Data shows Schneiderlin is very powerful

At present, the most popular transfer targets in the world may be Schneiderlin. FIFA 15 pc COINS is indeed worth being pursued by the England's top team.

He can build a barrier in front of the defense, and perhaps this is what Manchester United, Arsenal and Spurs most lacking in recent years. He is also very comprehensive midfielder with the prominent ability of trap and relaying the pass. He can also make great contribution in the attack.

The best C Ronaldo and the Worst Messi in FIFA 15

At the time of the latest session of the FIFA 15 Golden Globe awards ceremony is about to begin, C Ronaldo and Lionel Messi Who strong argument again became intense. FIFA 15 pc COINS was noted that although this year Real Madrid won many titles, but in the past such as the contribution of C Ronaldo, such as his injury did not participate in the King's Cup final in the Champions League final, European Super Cup and FIFA 15 World Club Cup, his performance in general.

Dunga: Neto to Juve? Buffon is not a good idea to challenge

Florence goalkeeper Neto previously linked with Juventus, but FIFA 15 pc COINS coach Dunga hoped that the player not to join the woman.

25-year-old goalkeeper has decided to leave after the end of the season in Florence, where he will expire contract with the Viola. There are rumors that he might join Juventus, which Dunga Neto hope can meditate.

FIFA 16 may boycott EA Sports for FIFA scandal

FIFA which is the football’s governing body is full of bribes and ongoing scandal. People don’t know how the new release of EA Sports FIFA 16 will be affected by the scandal. In order to break off sales for Electronic Arts as well as income for FIFA, FIFA 15 PS3 COINS are calling on boycotting FIFA 16. Sepp Blatter recently resigned from FIFA president. According to the reports, the re-elections will be held on 16th December.

About FIFA 15 player model modification method is introduced

Fifa Coins some players for the players career mode it is not clear how to modify, modify about the player career mode, the ability of seven changes.

First, create a character. This role do not modify any item properties. For example, I created is a striker (column) into the game after the positive, movement and free kick down seven attribute values. To exit.

The appeal of Lionel messi booked by RFEF

Barcelona's yellow card against Lionel messi appealed in Fifa waste of time, after FIFA 15 pc COINS shot in the head in valencia, use plastic bottles in Sunday's la liga match has rejected the Fifa Spanish football federation (RFEF). Messi celebrate Barcelona winner in the 94th minute, team close to the corner of his teammates at the mestalla stadium, when throw bottles from the stands.

What You Should Know About FIFA 4 3 3 Formation

In FIFA 15 or on the real life pitch, playing formation is essential to the match results. Some formations are strong at defending, others may be strong at attacking. Every single FIFA 15 formation should have its pros and cons. Here we don’t mean that if you choose the strong attacking formation would ensure your success. Of course, of picking the right position is important, how to play with the FIFA 15 formation is relatively crucial.

superstar showdown Villa sent assists

American Major League Soccer season resumption of fighting in the first round of the focus of the war, led by Kaka Orlando City is located in New York City Villa encounter, on his debut has excellent play, Billy Asian teammates opened the scoring, Kaka kick before the whistle refraction break, eventually the two sides drew 1-1.

About FIFA 15 virtual contest

Dortmund, schalke 04, Hamburg and Bremen. In 65 million games by 395 million the number of target achieved 160 million goals, has won the 34 million championships. Lai wan, 15 in the bundesliga top scorer at the FIFA, fIFA Coinsscored nearly 57.5 million goal. After arjen robben, muller, in turn, and Royce.

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