US-wood floor coverings

Maybe just to decorate your home, but how could not find the right style. Here, Xiao Bian to introduce this case you simply clever use of open design, so that small space is more spacious atmosphere. We hope to give you a reference!

Wood flooring maintenance methods

Conservation is an important step floor floor maintenance, wood floor How conserve it? How do maintenance in order to prevent being taken advantage of wood? Here, take a look!
Long live person or infrequent living room, the room should be placed in pots with water and keep the water, or use a humidifier, in order to compensate for the indoor heating and evaporation of open water; southern rainy season should increase ventilation; indoor environment should not be too dry, do not be too wet to prevent wood floors dry, shrink or expand.

Wood floor maintenance manual

Maintenance of wooden floors, we must conserve its good film surface, not hurt it, "appearance", but, due to the different wood surface paint, so maintenance methods also vary: a nitro lacquer wood varnish the floor lipid membrane is made of polished rub, poor water resistance, so it should not wipe with a damp cloth or water, use dirt to erase a soft towel or cotton on the film. Every six months or a few months, and use light wax rubbed.

How to determine the value of laminate flooring wear

Laminate flooring wear value is one of the most important indicators of laminate flooring, laminate flooring is to determine the maximum life variables. However, the wear value businesses opinions letting consumers confused, 15000,18000,23000,32000 ...... These values ??come from it? How can consumers know the merchant said wear values ??are true or false?

Hard wood floor maintenance

Bamboo flooring cool, rich natural materials both natural beauty, but also the advantages of wear, and can decay, earthquake. In everyday life, we bamboo flooring during cleaning and maintenance should pay attention to what? Here, take a look with the small series!
A good control of indoor humidity

plastic honeycomb panel

Plate with plastic honeycomb panel van for its flexural strength is weak, high compressive strength characteristics, but also because of its ultra-light performance generally used for wall decorations, you can use dry hanging installation, can also be a special glue paste , more adapted to be used on interior walls, ships and yachts.

Metal Pavilion Kit You Can Purchase

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Laminate flooring should be how to maintain

1, in the floor just laid, to keep the indoor air circulation.
2, overweight items should be stable resting place, furniture and heavy objects are not hard-line push boxes, so as not to scratch the surface wear layer.
3, can not scrape with a sharp object, designated floor surface.
4. Do not use water soaked the floor, if unexpected, should be dry with a dry mop the floor.
5, keep the floor dry and clean if dirt floor surface, usually with no dripping tide mop dry.
6, to prevent floor was cooking baked and deformation.

deck handrails flood in thailand 2014

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fiberglass pool resurfacing

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