Keeping Ways of Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

The hydraulic brick making machine is unburned brick making machine which is produced by the hydraulic power and is the main trend of large brick making machine. The hydraulic brick making machine, especially the large hydraulic brick making machine, has been the main model of brick making machine which absorbs from the foreign experience. The hydraulic brick making machine plays an important role in the production of brick. Therefore, we must ensure the good production state of our brick making machine, which needs our attentive maintenance of hydraulic brick making machine. So, what should we do in detail?Henan Daswell Machinery is a professional manufacturer of mining machine for almost 30 years in China. We are dedicated to supplying our customers with best service and products, our major products include:js concrete mixer,concrete batching plant,rotary drilling rig,If you are interested in our products, please contact us freely: 1. If the hydraulic brick making machine is stored for a long time SICOMA Twin-shaft Concrete Mixer, users should clean it up and coat antirust oil to keep properly. 2. After the adjustment of pressure, turn off the switch of pressure gauge. Because the pressure gauge will be damaged when it is opening for a long time. 3. Oil cylinder seal should be changed every half an year. 4. Every time before hydraulic brick making machine starts working, empty load operation of the machine must be 2 to 5 minutes. It takes a longer time when in the cold winter. After empty load operation, hydraulic brick making machine can work normally. 5. Every time when users use the machine, users must fasten the fastening bolt, oil pump, scaffold mobile block machine, magnetic exchange valve diesel concrete mixer, magnetic valve and nut connected with oil connection and column. 6. The cleanup of hydraulic brick making machine must be done well. Users must clean up the workbench of hydraulic brick making machine and stone and dust in every part. Hydraulic brick making machine must be covered to avoid the rain if there is no waterproof measure. Users should wash the mould with water before coating antirust oil. 7. The oil cylinder should be cleaned every three months. Users should examine whether the filter screen in the oil cylinder is damaged. If it is damaged, users should change it in time. If not, users should clean it up. The hydraulic oil should be classified and filtered. As the temperature changes with seasons, hydraulic oil should be changed. Performance features of hydraulic brick making machine: 1. Preloading. 2. Hydraulic seal and pipe fitting. 3. Setting machine and positioning accuracy of die sleeve. 4. Hydraulic oil leakage. 5. Working pressure of main cylinder.