Golden boy in Premier of fifa 15 coins

Since the League, Torres has fifa 15 coins 11 times against Manchester United FC team's total score is 3 WINS and 8 losses without a tie. Golden boy in Premier of Qian 3 a season, because injuries, causes only participate in has 5 field and United of game, he altogether playing into has 3 a ball, help Liverpool made 2 wins 3 negative of scores, which including reds away 4:1 force captured red magic last season, due to transfer of causes, Torres against United of times reached has amazing of 6 times, but he in this 6 field game in the are didn't can made scored. After 4 games, Torres appearances for Chelsea, the team's performance was bad 1 win and 3 losses, equivalent to media that ruined the blues all season, Torres will become Chelsea's Shevchenko, yesterday the guardian's transfer rumors even said that Torres will move to AC Milan during the winter months. But Chelsea's new signing Juan Mata doesn't see it this way, he said: "I believe that Fernando is the same player, nothing has changed. He was able to dominate the game, and he was able to score a lot of goals. This will be a season of Torres, but time hasn't arrived. ”

For Spain, and Mata into Chelsea's very fast, he has scored 1 goal in the Premier League and the Champions League, quickly surpassed the tally of Torres in the Blues. "My goal is to contribute more for Chelsea, Torres also can do the same, he scored at least 20 goals. "Mata still did not forget to inspire Torres, he said, he could join Chelsea, largely in Torres persuaded for the Premier League title contenders, Matta said:" Manchester United and Manchester City are a very strong team, but we're only two points behind, Sunday is our chance to prove myself. "At the same time, Matta expressed reverence for Ryan Giggs, Welsh is the best winger in the world. "Maybe I'm not a pure winger, I like the wing, you can play on the left and right, but I also like the middle. If the team needs, I can also play in midfield. "