FIFA 15 coins in pekerman of brand in

Dang Argentina when goalkeeper by the opposing striker fell after the collision,FIFA 15 coins the scene is a Boo, home viewers agree that Argentina was stalling for time. Actually that hit people very of serious, zhihou Argentina of goalkeeper due to injury laboring was replaced, led to Argentina of full tactical cannot implementation because in pekerman of brand in, first is for Shang of cambiasso alternative Riquelme; next for Shang Cruz, while is in striker Shang replaces physical obviously laboring of Crespo, continues to keep frontcourt ATK, on the more important of is in Germany kickback of process in the, using Cruz of header for is good of defensive; last stage again sent Shang Messi solution fighting.

All good things must come to an end. A month later, after the battle of the gods. Germany four, Argentina falls short, Macy's still a few centimeters from the King. Last week, the Football Association 2013 was submitted to FIFA international referee list, Tan Hai, and Fan Qi, Wang di, Wang Zhe, and Yao Qing, MA Ning, Shi Zhen Lu and seven people were selected. Shi Zhen, Lu's "top" is a little surprisingly, Shi Chen Lu in the Super League this year only 4 law enforcement experience, elected the judges into a world-class, it made the Chinese Football Association has once again been called into question. Public skepticism, the Football Association technical director Yang Xinli said: "the place recommended by the Association, or to volunteer, according to graded referee and referee Committee vote decided there is no earmarking practices.