Insight into Andre Iguodala, the fearsome weapon

Iguodala, the former is considered to be 76 to revive the hope of players, from Philadelphia, small AI, until now one of the mighty, and he spent 12 years to complete the conversion between the two roles. After last season was chosen as the NBA finals MVP, Iguodala created a number of records, he didn't start is the first in the history of the regular season became the NBA finals MVP player, also has the lowest averaged nearly 30 years finals FMVP.
Iguodala came to the warriors, but also due to his excellent performance in the 2013 playoffs. When Iguodala effectiveness of the Denver nuggets in the first round of the playoffs 2 to 4 loss to the warriors, but Iguodala has become the biggest bright spot. He defends clay Thompson, defends garage, sometimes even defensive Warriors power forward.
Was general manager of the mighty meyers said: "if array can have five Iguodala, opponents have a big trouble, he is a thoroughly Authentic Kawhi Leonard Jersey by defensive change the result of the game players." Echocardiography action, in the summer, followed by the warriors Iguodala is obtained by a three-way deal.
The fourth game, debut Iguodala had 22 points and eight rebounds, his defense let James therefore, game 7 James only 22, shooting 31.8%, 5 of 10 free throws. Warriors 21 points advantage over Cavs, will aggregate level 2 to 2.
The fifth game, back to home Iguodala had 14 points and eight rebounds, 7 assists, three steals, although only scored 14 points, but help in 37 points. James while get 40 points and 14 rebounds, 11 assists three pairs, but 40 points for 34 times of shots. And 37 points in the database, only 23 shots, he and Iguodala combined number is 34 times, but two people a total of 51 points. James of themselves they can only swallow bitter loss again.
In the 2012-2013 season, has just joined the rockets harden high-spirited, get 82 points in the first two games, show the vast majority of players in the league. But the rockets and the nuggets in game 4 in the regular season game, harden before Iguodala forays.
The lakers new coach Luke Walton's father, bill Walton had evaluation Iguodala: "he is so comprehensive, reminds me of the 2014 finals MVP Leonard."
Maybe two people most comparable only a little, is one of the league's top perimeter defender. But Leonard is becoming the spurs on the core, and Iguodala, is still the mighty bench fearsome weapon. Count the league, and any team can have on the bench Iguodala such a defense and ability of organization to two or morethings player? That is why the warriors can win the championship last season.
A decisive game 6, Iguodala scored 25 points 5 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals, zero error. His defense let James to adapt, 33 shots had 32 points, up to 6 times. The warriors on the road again Cavs, 4-2 won a championship.
In 76 person for Iguodala, when 76 people in the team was ecstatic, they finally get the front guard swingman have always wanted. Strong, technical comprehensive, good defensive, with perseverance, good character, obey orders, two master template is almost perfect.
Yes, two take charge of, this is the Iguodala since joining knocked on the seal.
The seal is no shame, but said there will be a few minutes more embarrassed. Don't know americans know second represents what, but always call a very good player, actually it is not polite. At the time of the 76 ers, iverson is irreplaceable player. Coincidentally, and English name abbreviations AI iverson, Iguodala English name abbreviations and AI. In order to distinguish between iverson and Iguodala, Iguodala at that time had little memory of AI.
Iverson like Iguodala, because this is the only one of the 76 ers a player who can keep up Youth Jason Pominville Jersey with the rhythm of iverson. Iguodala all worked with before, in fact, the players like him very much, listen to most people's evaluation: "he is the smartest player. I have worked with" Maybe Iguodala is one of the league one of the few players who don't want to compete for the team boss, he willingly as Allen iverson's right-hand man, until the end of the 76 people off the Allen iverson. A few years after that, Iguodala to become number one of 76 people.