Tekken authorization administrator Katsuhiro

Amend Kane Kosugi is not starring in a Tekken prequel alleged A Man Alleged X; instead, he will arise in a non-Tekken-related blur that has the animate appellation of "Agent X." Kosugi's website, which is run by Destiny Production, his administration company, issued a alteration on Jan. 14 and apologized for the incorrect information Madden 17 Coins.Amateur America told Polygon that the aggregation has "no official comments to allotment apropos this project." Aboriginal adventitious A Man Alleged X, a new live-action blur based on authorization of affronted games, is in development and will brilliant aggressive artisan Kane Kosugi, letters Cinema arise his accord in A Man Alleged X on his website endure month, adage that he will play the beforehand role of X and that filming begins this month.

The cine is accepting produced by Lionsgate Films and Crystal Sky Pictures. According to Kosugi, A Man Alleged X will be a prequel to Tekken, the 2010 blur from Crystal Sky that accustomed a afflicted absolution in Japan but went beeline to home video in the U.S. Kosugi has appeared in movies such as DOA Asleep or Animate and War, but he said this will be his aboriginal starring role in a Hollywood production.Crystal Sky originally arise the Tekken prequel in May 2012 as "part of a authorization of movies," according to The Hollywood Reporter http://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-17/madden-nfl-17-coins . At the time, it was alleged Tekken Rise of the Tournament, and was set to be produced with Ong-Bak The Thai Warrior administrator Prachya Pinkaew at the helm.It's cryptic if Namco Bandai is complex with the assembly of A Man Alleged X. Tekken authorization administrator Katsuhiro Harada alleged the 2010 blur "terrible" and said the series' producers "were not able to administer that movie." We've accomplished out to the administrator for comment, and will amend this commodity with any advice we receive