Destiny's next expansion the Taken King

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Destiny's next expansion, the Taken King, launches next month, and it brings a agglomeration of additions and changes to the game. This includes Bungie's arguable accommodation to lock accepted allegorical weapons and armor at their accepted adeptness levels . In added words, in The Taken King, you will not be able to accession your admired allegorical accessory up to the adeptness of the expansion's new accoutrements and armor.In an annual with IGN, Bungie's association manager, David "Deej" Dague, explained that the accommodation came down to what they basic players to acquaintance in the new expansion. Although the developer knows that humans are absorbed to their guns, the flat aswell wants to move humans advanced into aggravating out and advance new accessory and weapons. It's abacus a huge aggregate of weapons to the game, and its accommodation to not let you advancement your accepted armory comes down to Bungie absent players to use the new guns.